Christmas Gift Guide 2019 – Beauty

It’s day two of my Week Of Christmas Gift Guides, and today it’s time for some beauty products!

Beauty products are always lovely to gift someone in my opinion, and around the holidays there are lots of amazing collections being released. The options on the beauty gift front are literally endless, but I thought I would narrow it down to some things I would love to get or gift.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick

Over the past few months I have fallen in love with these lovely YSL lipsticks. The formula is absolutely amazing: smooth and buttery on the lips, absolutely not drying, and they last a very long time. They have a few beautiful shades in the collection, I have the orange-y red one and an everyday rose colour, and I am lusting after more. And the packaging is gorgeous and luxurious, which is why I think these would make a lovely gift for beauty lovers, and specifically anyone who loves a good lipstick. The beautiful heavy gold look with the YSL logo on it just looks great on any makeup table and is a treat to throw in your handbag an use on the go. Their classic red, although I haven’t tried it (yet), would be a perfect Christmas gift, but I think any other colour would do just fine as well. These are definitely expensive for a lipstick, but I think they are so so worth it.

Makeup brush set

There is nothing more fun than having matching makeup brushes. A good set can get pretty expensive though and also I feel like people – I at least – tend to not think about it all that much. When I need a new brush I go out and get it, I don’t really buy a whole set at once. So how fun is it to gift a nice new set of beautiful soft makeup brushes to the makeup lover in your life? Real Techniques does a few lovely smaller sets that are pretty affordable but really good. If you want to go all out though, these from Zoeva look absolutely stunning and I’m pretty sure they are really good. They do a bunch of different sets in different colours and also have a vegan option that looks beautiful.

Eyeshadow palette

I feel like eyeshadow palettes are a pretty safe choice, gift wise. There are a lot of stunning ones out there that are a treat to get and use, and most beauty/makeup lovers tend to use eyeshadow. Around this time of year there area also quite a few limited edition palettes being released, like this gorgeous Mac one. But you can also go for a classic palette if you know for sure that they don’t have them yet (the Urban Decay Naked palettes for example, or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance). I am personally lusting after this one or this one from Mac, they both look beautiful and right up my alley. Good eyeshadow palettes these days come in many different price ranges, so there is pretty much one for every budget. The choices are endless as well, I’m more of a neutral shadow kinda girl, but there are so many colourful and fun palettes out there as well if the person you’re buying for loves to be a little more bold with their look. And lastly, the packaging on a lot of palettes is stunning as well, so it makes for the perfect gift!

Luxurious body wash + lotion

I feel like most people, when they buy themselves a body wash, go for any cheap random one from the drugstore. So why not treat the person you are buying a gift for with a lovely luxurious shower set? There are so many out there that you can choose from, and it really doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Just get something a bit more special than what they would normally buy, like a Jo Malone set or product (I’ve never tried these, but the whole internet always raves about these and the packaging is stunning). Or you could get them the shower gel that matches their favourite perfume, I think most brands offer their more popular scents in body lotions and body washes nowadays. Other places for some lovely shower products are Rituals, I believe they have a higher end range as well, and of course we all know that The Body Shop does some amaaazing shower gels and body lotions.

Beauty gift sets

Kind of similar as the previous gift, but gift sets are always a good idea. There are so many different beauty gift sets in different price ranges, the options are pretty much endless. If you know their favourite perfume, get a perfume gift set. Do they have a favourite beauty brand? Get a gift set from that brand (I’m personally lusting after this one and this one from YSL). Do they love nail polishes? Essie, OPI and so many more brands do lovely little sets. Mini shower gels, body lotions, a whole set of products from one scent, there is more than enough to chose from. You could also DIY this one. Get a cute basket somewhere, buy some different products you know they will love and wrap it all up nicely for them to open. That way you can also do a lot of different brands and different products, instead of just the brand you are buying from. You could even do a completely sustainable beauty basket, with reusable cotton pads and more natural beauty products for them to try. That way they can maybe discover some lovely new more sustainable brands.

Moral of the story: the beauty gift options are pretty much endless. With all the gift sets that are coming out this time of year, there is truly something for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by ❤