L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – Not So Weekly Highlight

I have found my new favourite mascara you guys!

The funny thing is, it’s actually an old favourite from my sister, and I used to use it as well years and years ago. But I am pretty sure they stopped selling it in The Netherlands for a while there and thus I stopped using it.

However a few weeks ago I spotted it in store again and decided to give it a try, and the first time I did it legit blew my mind. This stuff is so good, it lengthens my lashes, gives them a nice curl, adds a good amount of volume and it’s so much less expensive that my beloved DiorShow one!

As you could have seen from the title, I am taking about the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara. I know this is a favourite for a lot of people, but to me it’s kind of new so I just had to share it.

As you can see on the right, my natural lashes are pretty short and straight. With one layer of the mascara though, and without curling my lashes because I just can’t be bothered usually, they look long and pretty curled, and the whole look opens up my eyes so much more which I love! I am wearing an eye pencil on my upper waterline like I always do, but that of course doesn’t really make a difference for the mascara. It’s just so good, and like I mentioned before, a lot cheaper than my beloved Dior one. I can only imagine what this looks like with a good primer underneath, it would be amazing! (if you have any recommendations for good mascara primers, let me know because now I want to try that out)

I hope you enjoyed this mini beauty review/NSWH thrown into the mix, I’d quite like to do more like this every now and again.

Thanks for stopping by ❤