Fashion Wish List – Autumn 2019

Oh man.. I want to literally buy so many things right now!

I am doing okay-ish with my No Shop November challenge. I’ve bought a few things this month, some of which I was allowed to buy, and some which weren’t on that list. My problem is that I keep thinking of things I want to buy. Things that I feel would add something to my wardrobe, that I would love and wear a lot and for a long time. I am struggling to stick to the challenge (as you will see in my No Shop November recap in a few weeks, I am keeping a little diary), but I am managing so far.

So, to ease my mind a little bit, I thought make a little fashion wish list. A list of things I want and might even buy someday soon, but that aren’t necessary. Things I want to save up for first, and of which I first need to find that perfect version before I buy it.

White skinny jeans

We all know by now that skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, and I have a fair few. One thing that I don’t have though, is a white pair. And I want one. I have a white vintage Levi’s pair that is a straight fit, but I live in skinny jeans more so I thought it would be a good item to add to my wardrobe. I love my pairs of Levi’s Mile High skinnies so I think I will probably get those in white if they do them (I can’t find them on the site at the moment but I am sure they will do them in spring). So these are not a right now purchase, but they are definitely high on my wish list!

Chinos and/or smart trousers

These have been on my wish list for quite a long time, pretty much since I started working in an office environment. I just haven’t really found the right pair yet, so I am still looking.
Actually, I take that back. I found a gorgeous pair of flared trousers, but like a nice office pair, in Zara a few years ago. They were a raspberry pink and fit me like an absolute dream. Stupid me just didn’t buy them, and I have regretted it ever since. So now I am looking for something exactly like that, a nice long flared trouser that fits me just right. Doesn’t have to be pink, just a simple black will do, but just that perfect fit. I want it, I just haven’t found it again yet.
And then I also want a pair of nice well fitting chinos. These I really haven’t found yet. I have tried on a bunch in different stores, and I do also own a pair, but non of them are the perfect fit, not even the ones I own. So I am also just going to keep looking for these, I might have to go a bit higher end than Mango or H&M, where I’ve been looking so far. I will find them someday though, I am sure of it.

Cute joggers/high waisted joggers

I have been seeing this style everywhere on Instagram lately, that really cute comfortable look. High-waisted joggers are always part of the outfit, preferably paired with sneakers, a simple top and a big cozy jacket. I want that look on my days off, and considering I have a good few pairs of sneakers, a million simple tops and one or two cozy coats, all I need now to finish it is a pair of really high-waisted cute comfy joggers. I just don’t know where to look. Yet. So I need to do a little more research before going out and purchasing these, and until that time these are definitely staying on my wish list.

Björn Borg bralette

Do I realistically need another bralette? No. But I love my Björn Borg bralette, specifically this one, so much that I really want a few more of it in different colours. It is so freaking comfortable, pretty supportive for a bralette and it’s also really cute. Not that many people are going to see me in it, but you know.. I also just noticed that it’s on sale, so I need to really force myself not go get it right this second…

Black blazer

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I want a simple black blazer, and it is still high on my list. I don’t know if I will go for a secondhand one, as I feel like it is sometimes harder to find the perfect fit and style secondhand, but I will definitely try my best.

Big fuzzy teddy coat

This is another one of those trend pieces that I’ve been seeing everywhere styled in the cutest ways, and now I want it too. I don’t really know what style, colour/print and length I want it in though, so I need to figure that out first before I buy a teddy coat. The one thing that has been holding me back so far as well, is that they tend to not actually be that warm, at least the ones I’ve tried so far, and that is kind of an important thing to me. Plus, fuzzy jackets in the rain is a nightmare, and I live in Holland…

Wool camel coat

I love and adore my brown Marks & Spencer coat that has been all over my Instagram for the past 3 years or so. I have worn that thing so so much and always enjoy taking it out of storage in the autumn. However this year I realized that it is actually not that warm, or it at least lets a bit more wind through than I would like in the winter. So I am almost afraid to say it, but I think it might be time to retire my beloved coat, and look for a replacement. And that is where this wish list item comes in, I basically want the same coat (or at least a similar one) but in real wool, so that it keeps me a bit warmer and cozier. This is not a short term thing, I am going to take my time looking for the perfect one (and hopefully find it secondhand), but it is definitely something that’s on my mind and wish list.

Warm waterproof jacket

Warm being the keyword here. I already have a lovely waterproof down jacket and it is pretty decently warm, but for this really cold weather we’ve got coming up I feel like it is just a bit too thin. I do have other warm coats, lovely wool ones for example, but those aren’t waterproof and that is kind of a necessity here in Holland. So I desperately want a jacket that combines both. This is probably the only real practical item on my list, the thing that I am actually allowed to buy soon. I am lusting over the Canada Goose jackets but they are ridiculously expensive so I will have to find cheaper alternative first, but when I do I will probably get it right away because I need it.

Knee high boots

Another trend piece that I’ve been seeing everywhere, that I now want as well. Knee high boots, with a nice high but not too high heel, I love it and I want it. This is definitely more of a wish list thing though and not an “I am going to buy this soon” thing. Partly because I don’t know how I am going to justify getting more shoes, but also because I feel like it is a bit of a recent want of mine, and I first want to know that I really actually want it want will wear it before I go out and buy them. And also, I may or may not have picked up something recently that kind of gives a similar vibe.. Sooo….

Sock boots and/or stiletto boots

Let me start by saying that I still love and adore my Sacha heeled booties. I mean, you could’ve seen from Tuesday’s post that I wear them at least twice a week. But I find myself more and more dreaming of a sleeker pair as well, so I have been keeping my eyes open for a similar pair but just that, sleeker. I don’t know if I want to go for a sock boot with a similar heel as my Sacha ones, or maybe a lovely stiletto pair. Or a combination of both, omg that would be amazing as well! Anyways, I can see myself getting this pair in the next few months to a year if I find the right pair, as I do think they can definitely add something to my wardrobe.

Chelsea boots

Oh look, she had a practical pair of shoes on the list as well. Chelsea boots have been on my wish list for years now, and I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bought them yet. Lately I have been obsessed with Anna Lyn Cook on Instagram though, her whole style and vibe, and she has made me want to get a pair of more practical sturdy chelsea boots, like these Timberland ones (yes I have been obsessed with Timberland since I got this pair). But then I also kind of want a sleeker prettier pair for at the office when I don’t feel like doing for heels.. I clearly don’t know what exactly I yet, I just know that a pair of Chelsea boots is definitely still high on my wish list.

Michael kors backpack

We’re nearly at the end guys, we’ve made it to accessories! First of all, I want a bag. I am not a big bag buyer, I don’t tend to switch them out a whole lot, but I have recently realized that I could use a bigger backpack. And I don’t want any old backpack, I want a pretty one. I have been lusting after this Michael Kors one for over a year now and I still really want it, although I first need to triple check if it fits my laptop, A4 papers, books and all the other random stuff I sometimes carry around with me. If it does I can definitely see myself getting it very soon. Especially if maybe they do a sale soon… 😉 (I’m hopeful guys..)

Pink ring

Another thing that has been on my list for a while, and that I really want to invest in soon, is a pinky ring. I absolutely love the look of a little dainty gold rind on your pinky finger, and I really want to add that to my everyday jewelry look. I am currently lusting after a ring in the Diamond Point Joy collection as I already have one of those rings and love it to bits (probably has something to do with the fact that I got it from G for my birthday as well, but the look is also just perfect), and I am pretty sure they do those rings in small sizes as well, so I should be able to fit it around my pinky. I don’t know the exact style I want yet, I love the stones but the simple gold band is lovely as well, but I do know that I want it, and want it bad!

Everyday earrings

And lastly, I want some everyday earrings. Just simple plain gold studs or tiny little rings, maybe one with a little stone, but something I can wear every single day and that I don’t have to think about. I never wear earrings because I have pretty sensitive ears so I can’t really get a cheap metal pair, and I haven’t yet found the perfect gold pair yet. So the search continues, but I definitely have these on my wish list.

Wow, yikes, that was a long list. Obviously I won’t be going out and buying this all at once. Most things I probably won’t even buy in the next year. But they are all just things I have on my wish list, things that I currently think I want. We shall see how much of it will actually be added to my closet over time.

Thanks for stopping by ❤