Work Week Wardrobe – Autumn 2019

I work in a very casual office, but I still struggle with it every day. What the hell do I wear?

I sometimes feel like maybe it’s because I work in a casual office that it is sometimes hard to figure out what to wear, as it can get a little overdressed pretty quickly, but at the same time you – or I at least – want to still look professional. So to help me a little bit I thought I’d track my outfits for a week or so to see what I wore exactly and what, looking back on them, my feelings are about them.

Monday, November 4

Blazer: Mango – Trousers: America Today – Top: Secondhand – Shoes: Sacha

I have been really enjoying my flared trousers, and I feel like styled the right way they work really well in my office environment. So with the quite casual bottoms I paired a simple oversized top that looks a little more dressy and my cream blazer to fancy things up even more. For shoes I chose my heeled booties. I have been going through a heels phase lately, and I feel like this type of trouser go especially well with heeled boots. They are comfortable enough that I can run around the office all day, but they still look nice and dressed up.

Tuesday, November 5

Blazer: Mango – Blouse: Mango – Jeans: Levi’s – Shoes: Nike

On Tuesday I went a bit more casual with my look, a look that is kind of my uniform whenever I don’t really have any outfit inspiration. I wear jeans to the office a lot, and like to dress them up a bit with a blazer whenever the weather allows it. I paired it with a blouse to dress it up a bit more, but threw on some white sneakers so tone it all down a bit and also add to that comfort level.

Wednesday, November 6

Jeans: Only – Sweater: Benetton – Cardigan: H&M – Shoes: Adidas

Wednesday’s look as even more casual, with sneakers and a comfy cardigan. I mostly focused on staying warm with this look, with a wool sweater and a cardigan on top. I dressed the look up a bit with my leather look trousers, and paired my soft pink sneakers with it for that added comfort. I am not in love with this look, I prefer to be a bit more dressed up, but sometimes comfort is all I can think of in the morning when I get dressed, and that’s o.k. too.

Thursday, November 7

Sweater: Mango – Dress: H&M – Booties: Sacha

I have been struggling a little bit with pairing my new black H&M dress in the colder weather, but I think I finally found the perfect pairing for colder weather. I wore the dress underneath my big cozy sweater, which gives a fun and comfortable look, but is still dressy enough for the office and my style. I threw on some tights for some warmth, and finished it all off with my heeled booties again, because I am slightly obsessed with them still.

Tuesday, November 12

Sweater: Secondhand – Turtleneck: Zeeman – Trousers: Only – Shoes: Sacha

Skipping Monday, as I had a lovely day off, but Tuesday’s outfit is another comfortable and warm one. I paired my flared trousers (my other flared trousers) with my cowboy boots. I love the vibe these two give together, very relaxed and simple but still kind of fun as well. I paired it with my current favourite secondhand wool sweater, and for some added warmth I also threw on a turtleneck underneath. It’s not the most fancy office outfit, but not too casual either.

Wednesday, November 13

Blouse: Mango – Sweater: Secondhand – Jeans: Only – Boots: Manfield

I mainly went for this outfit because I really wanted to wear my OTK boots. I love these things, however they are a little too wide for my legs which I why I don’t wear them a whole lot. Which is a shame, because they still look really cute and are very comfortable. Plus, they keep a whole lot of my leg nice and warm.
Anyways, I paired the boots with my leather look jeans and I actually love the look of the suede boots with the jeans! The difference in textures works really well, I think. For my top I went for a simple black & white blouse, just to add a bit of an office vibe to the look. And to keep me warm I threw on my beloved thrifted wool cardigan.

Thursday, November 14

Blouse: Banana Republic – Blazer: Mango – Jeans: Only – Shoes: Sacha

For my final outfit of the week, I tried to be a little more fancy as I had a few meetings that day that I wanted to look a bit more professional for. So a blouse with a blazer were the first things that naturally popped into my head. I paired it with my blue jeans so I wouldn’t be too overdressed between my casual coworkers, and I threw on my heeled booties because they always make me feel extra confident and professional without it being too much.

Looking at all these outfits, I feel like I dress somewhere between casual and smart casual for the most part. I would definitely love to dress a bit more fancy for the office as I really like that style, but with the colder weather casual is just so much easier. I’d also like to wear more dresses and skirts and especially just less jeans, but again the colder weather makes me gravitate toward jeans in the mornings. It’s also just my go to whenever I don’t know what to wear and I’d like to change that a bit. I feel like with changing the overall casualness of my outfits to something a bit dressier, not wearing sneakers as much is a good start, and I feel like I did pretty well these two weeks. I also have noticed that I wear my heeled Sacha booties a lot, and I love it.

Thanks for stopping by ❤