What I Pack – An Autumn Weekend By The Beach

This past weekend, my wanderlust finally got satisfied a bit. I spend a windy autumn weekend with my family in Noordwijk by the beach.

My mom had rented a small house near the beach, where her, my dad and I stayed for a few nights. We got pretty lucky with the weather, with a little bit of rain and a lot of wind, but also some sun and mostly beautiful surroundings. I of course took lots of photos, and managed to instruct my dad on how to take good photos of me for Instagram. I also managed to read a bunch which was so lovely, as I haven’t been reading a whole lot lately. There’s just something about reading whilst on a trip, especially when you have an amazing couch at your disposal.

Anyway, I thought a trip like this would be a perfect one for another What I Pack post, that’s what I’m doing today. Looking back now I wish I’d done an outfit diaries as well but I didn’t. Oh well… let’s just see what I packed, shall we?


Starting with bottoms, I brought 3 in total. For pyjamas bottoms I brought my Björn Borg joggers. They are warm, comfortable and perfect to lounge in. I pretty much live in these at home so it was a no-brainer to bring these with me this weekend. I wore these every night to sleep in, and in the evening as well for just hanging out on the couch, reading my book and watching The Voice Of Holland.

For jeans, I actually brought two pairs, although only one is pictured here. I originally planned on bringing my blue Only pair and bring my Only flared trousers as my other bottoms, but I last minute decided that I wasn’t feeling the flares for the trip, so I switched to my grey Levi’s instead. I wore both these pairs, proving to myself that two pairs of jeans for a trip like this are necessary. I wore the grey pair on Friday to travel, and on our stormy Saturday afternoon walk to the beach. The blue pair was fire our sunny Sunday hike and for my day in Delft (had to go to the dentist, sad times although all its well) on Monday as well.

Moving on to tops, I slightly overpacked in this department, and I also bought some things that aren’t picked here. Staying with me pyjama top, add skin as I finished taking these photos I realized that I forgot to include that one. I just took my Stitch, Please honey tee with me, as the house we stayed at was warm enough to sleep in just a shirt in. If that sentence makes sense..
The other thing I added last minute was a long sleeved t-shirt that I wore underneath my sweater on day one. I realised too late that our was too cold for just a sweater and I didn’t feel like digging up one of the tops I packed, so an extra shirt it was.

Now for things that are in this photo. I couldn’t go on the trip without one of my trusty Stitch, Please sweaters, and this weekend I went with my new one: their Globetrotter sweater in the colour Cherry. I thought I’d be fun to add a little colour to my otherwise quite neutral outfits. I wore this sweater on my travelling day to Noordwijk, and every single evening and morning over my pyjama, but not so much in outfits during our stay. Still, I am very happy I brought this with me.
As a second warm top I brought my thrifted grey wool sweater that is currently one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I wore this two of the four days we were there, and it kept me wonderfully warm and happy without overheating me. I love this thing to bits and will happily be wearing it until it falls apart.

I also brought two turtleneck t-shirts with me, my black Hema one and my grey Zeeman one. The black one I did not wear, I think mostly because I brought the long sleeved tee with me as well that I wore in the first day. Had I not brought that, I would have worn the turtleneck, but now it was one item too many. The grey one though I wore the three remaining days, first on its own with that nude cami that you see in the photo underneath, and the other two days layered underneath my grey sweater. I am so glad I brought this, as it was a nice warm layer without being too bulk, and it also just looks really cute.

For the basic things that you can’t really leave on a trip without, I feel like I did pretty good. I brought 4 pairs of longer socks and 4 pairs of ankle socks (I ended up switching out the white ones for black ones though), because I also brought two pairs of shoes. I brought enough underwear to last me all weekend, an extra bralette that I didn’t end up wearing, and a pair of cozy socks that I lived in every second we spend inside the house.

So as I mentioned before, I ended up bringing two pairs of shoes. I feel like that may sound a bit OTT, but I do feel like it was worth it.
Of course I wanted to bring a pair of sneakers, just because they are easy to wear, easy to style and easy to walk in. I was originally planning on bringing my Nikes, but switched to my black Vans last minute because they are a bit lighter in weight and a bit less bulky, so easier to carry around. I wore these in Delft on Monday as well as for quick runs out of the house to pick up my sister from the train station and to go on an evening walk with my mom.
But then I knew we were going also to go on a few hikes, so I needed to bring my Timberland boots as well. I wore these on my train journey to Noordwijk, and on both hikes we went on, and felt both cute and super comfortable.

The last little fashion bit I brought was my Levi’s belt because, you know, it’s practical. And I also brought a towel with me so we didn’t have to rent them. Saving money and all that fun stuff.


Of course, I also had to bring a wash bag full of beauty products with me, because that’s just who I am. Although I feel like I managed to keep it pretty minimal.

I brought my Lush Imperialis facial moisturizer for both morning and night. I usually only use it in the mornings, but I wanted to pack light so used it at night as well. I also brought my new Lush Enchanted eye cream for.. well.. my eyes. One thing that I will never skip in my morning skincare routine is sunscreen, so my trusted Rituals SPF 50 facial cream went in the bag as well, and I cannot live without a lip balm, so I also packed my The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm.
For cleansing and removing makeup I brought my reusable cotton pads from Holland & Barrett, of which I used one every evening, and as a makeup remover I brought the Bioderma Micellar water in a little travel size. For actual cleansing I brought my Rituals Purify cleansing foam, but honestly I didn’t use it. Water and the micellar water were enough for me.

And then, of course, the staples to keep my dentist (and my teeth) happy: Oral B floss, a toothbrush and my Lush Toothy Tabs in Dirty that I love to travel with.

For body and hair, I again forgot to include a few things in the photo. I packed a bunch of hair ties to do cute braids with (which I did), and I brought my beloved Kérastase Nutritive Nectar leave in creme.

On to the things I did remember to photograph. I packed – but didn’t end up using – my The Body Shop Banana shampoo and conditioner, as well as this Kneipp Almond Blossom shower gel. What I did use though was my little travel size tangle teaser and my Nina by Nina Ricci perfume, that I forgot I loved but now have fallen back in love with. It’s also nice and small and easy to travel with.

Looking at this photo I feel like I packed a lot of makeup, but I used pretty much all of it on a daily basis. I brought 3 brushes: one face brush for my concealer and two for eyeshadow. I brought a matte greyish brownish shadow by Catrice (can’t remember the exact name at the moment), my eyeshadow primer by Essence and the concealer I am currently using, the Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer.
I also packed the L.O.V. eyeshadow stick in a shimmery champagne colour for if I didn’t feel the matte neutral one. Mascara is a must – I am currently using the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara after years and years of not using it and am blown away by how good it makes my lashes look.

For brows I went with my beloved H&M superfine brow liner, and my go-to eyeliner has always been this Rimmel one, so of course I had to pack it.

Can’t leave on a trip without a few good lipstick options, so I brought two. For a more fun pinkish lip I went with a new one, the Dior Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in 555 Ultra Kiss (that’s a lot of ultra’s) and my Rimmel The Only One lipstick in 700 Naughty Nude for a nude option.

Other Things

And lastly, of course, I had to bring books and other random things.

For books I brought A Short History Of Drunkenness by Mark Forsyth, which is one of the books I am currently reading. I mostly brought it to show to my dad and sister though, I did not read one single page in this during the weekend.
What I did read however is Classic Ghost Stories. I work my way through over half the book and will be finishing it very soon. I am not going to share any more thoughts on it as it will be featured in my wrap-up this month, but just know I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

A bit random, but my mom asked me if she could borrow The Notebook from me as she hasn’t ever seen it, so I brought the DVD for her, and I also brought a game that we didn’t end up playing called Mamma Mia where you basically have to build pizzas, it’s very fun. The last thing I brought (aside from chargers, my camera, headphones and all that fun stuff) was my favourite tea, Rooibos Orange from the Lidl. This stuff is ridiculously good and my mom loves it too, so I had to bring it with me.

And that is all the stuff I packed for my family weekend away in Noordwijk. I loved having a few days away from home, with different surroundings and lots of gorgeous new views and photo opportunities, because that’s kind of important to me too 😉

(If you are curious, some photos of the trip are up on both my personal Instagram as well as my photography account)

Thanks for stopping by ❤