5 Books I Want To Reread

I am going to be honest, I am not a big rereader. I like to buy books, own books, read books, and make them look all nice and pretty on my shelves. But reread, not so much..

However, I have recently been feeling kind of nostalgic, there are books that I’ve read that keep popping up in my mind, that I kind of fancy reading again. I have even already reread a few books and series. Whether it is because I read them years ago and thus can’t really remember the whole story, or maybe just because I loved them so much that I want to dive back into that world again. Whatever it is, I have been slowly picking up books that I have already read once, and added then to my to read list. And today I am sharing a few of those books.

Heroes of Olympus/the lost hero

Girl of fire and thorns – rae carson

The Chronicles Of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Let’s start with the classics, shall we. These are the books that I feel like every book lover should read at least once in their life, and should pass on to their children (okay that might be a bit dramatic but you know.. it’s kinda true). This first one is a bit of a wild card, as I haven’t actually read all the books, but I have read a few and I definitely intend on reading those again, as well as the rest. Obviously, as you could have seen from the title and the photo, I am talking about Narnia. All seven books. I am pretty sure I read The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, The With And The Wardrobe, The Horse And His Boy and Prince Caspian in Dutch when I was a child, but I never got further than that. I really want to read all the stories again in English, I just need to get a nice version of all the books (that might be my reward for completing my book buying ban). These stories are just so nostalgic, I remember loving The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe so much, and I still love that film. I can’t really remember any of the other books that well though, so it will almost be like reading the books for the first time.

Harry Potter (all the books) – J.K. Rowling

I have actually already started rereading the Harry Potter books, you may remember that last autumn I went through the first four within maybe 2 months. I definitely still want to reread the last three as well, as these again are some of those wonderfully nostalgic cold weather books for me. I find myself longing to watch the films again now that it is getting closer and closer to winter, but this year I intend to wait with that until I have read at least the fifth book. Everybody knows that the Harry Potter books are classics, and I know so many people have read these hundreds of times. I am actually quite surprised that it has taken me so long to reread the books, and this is also the first time I am/will be reading them in English. Thankfully I own all of the books in the original language because my parents and sisters read them when they first came out. Poor little me had to wait for the Dutch translation though.. But last year I thoroughly enjoyed reading the English versions, and I know I will love the last three just as much (I know some of the jokes will be so good!)

The Lord Of The Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien (and also The Hobbit)

The book that I have always intended to reread, since the first time I picked it up when I was 11, is of course The Lord Of The Rings. I should actually say books though, because of course there are 3 (or technically 6 even). I read this, like I said, when I was eleven. We had my dad’s 30 year old Dutch versions that still had the appendixes in the back, and I started reading those. Parts of pages, complete pages and sometimes even whole chunks of the books were missing so pretty soon after I started reading them my dad got me a new version so I didn’t have to miss a thing. It took me 5 months to finish, with my main motivation being that I was only allowed to see the films after I had read the books. I have always know that I wanted to read the books in English as well, and years ago I picked up this bind up in a secondhand shop. I might just get a really nice pretty version of these before I start the reread though, because there are so many good ones that would look gorgeous on my shelves!

As a bonus book I added The Hobbit to this list as well, as I do think these two go hand in hand. I remember that I didn’t love The Hobbit as much as I loved The Lord Of The Rings, but I still definitely enjoyed it and thus want to read the book again. I again read it in Dutch in my teens, and I picked up this English version a few years ago. For now it is looking all nice and pretty on my shelves, but I plan on reading it very soon!

Girl Of Fire And Thorns – Rae Carson

This is a book series I read about 5 or 6 years ago, so it’s probably the ‘latest’ book or series on this list. It is a young adult series that I absolutely loved and adored, still one of my favourites looking back on all the YA series that I’ve read, and every now and again I think about the story and go “I should really reread that one”. I don’t really know what it is about the book, probably that it was such an easy read, something right up my street with the fantasy aspect, but also maybe a little different. There were so many characters I loved in the book, it was funny but also a little dramatic and romantic, and magical. Basically everything I love in a YA book. I also feel like with this one I liked all three books, which isn’t the case with most YA series I’ve read. With the Divergent series I did not enjoy the third book all that much, and with The Lunar Chronicles I haven’t even finished the fourth one, even though I loved the first three books. With this one though, I loved them all, and I’ve always known I wanted to reread it one day. I just need to pick up the second book in the series somewhere, as I own the first and the last one, and then I can start rereading it as soon as I am in a quick easy YA reading mood.

The Lost Hero – Rick Riordan

If you’ve seen my reading wrap-ups at the beginning of the year, you will know that I was on a bit of a Percy Jackson kick for a while there. I read all 5 books in the span of maybe two or three months, and ever since then I’ve been wanting to dive into the Heroes of Olympus series. I read the first book years ago, and although I didn’t adore it as much as the Percy Jackson books, I still enjoyed it and I’ve heard that with each new book the series keeps getting better. So this book is still high on my to reread list. With this book again I want to wait to reread it until I’ve bought the rest of the books in the series, so I can speed through them like I did with Percy Jackson, and seeing as I am on a book buying ban until the end of the year, I will have to wait at least 2 more months until I can buy those other books. But I know I want to give this series another shot because I expect to love it once I get started. And I cannot wait to start!

Okay, so I’m realizing that I just want to reread a bunch of book series. But that’s just something I love to read in general, because you get so much more of the story than when you read a stand-alone book. Also just writing about these books makes me so excited to dive into all of them again! I love discovering new stories and made up places (and some not made up places of course), through all the new books I read, but sometimes going back to something nostalgic and familiar is just as good. I do clearly need to buy a bunch of books before I can start rereading these all, so it’s a good thing I love buying books 😉

Is there a book you can read over and over again, and why? I remember that my sister read The Prisoner Of Azkaban about 40 times, just because she loved Sirius so much.

Thanks for stopping by ❤