New In – Timberland Boots

I know it’s a bit strange doing a new in post right after sharing my No Shop November post but in my defense, I got these boots before November!

And also, they have been on my wish list for quite some time. Ever since we started going on regular walks in the woods near where we live for photography and just being out for the house, spending quality time together, I’ve been jealous of G’s Timberland boots. They looked so warm and comfortable and sturdy. They could get dirty and were pretty easy to clean. They were practical but could also be styled in a cool outdoorsy fashion way. I wanted them too.

So towards the end of October I decided to bite the bullet and spend the €220 on the most glorious hiking boots I will ever own, my very own Timberlands. I already gave you a sneak peek of these in this post, but here they are in all their glory:

These are the Timberland Original 6-inch boots in their classic yellow and brown colour. I am in love. They are as comfortable as I was hoping – although I did have to break them in a little bit – and they look so so good! I though that I would go for all black, was totally set on them and tried them on in store. But there was something I didn’t love about the black ones, and when I tried these yellow ones I just fell in love and knew these were the ones I wanted. It’s just a more fun colour I guess, and also just classic. I wanted the black because black goes with everything, but these do as well and actually make an outfit more interesting than the black.
I am so ridiculously happy with these boots and I know I will wear them for years to come on our hikes. I plan on taking really good care of them, greasing them in every few months to keep the leather nice and soft and water resistant, and cleaning them well when they get dirty. If I find that I wear them a whole lot and it is really really worth it, I might even consider investing in another pair in a different colour. But that’s an idea for the future, for now I am so incredibly pleased with these.

Speaking of investing in more Timberland boots, on the way out of the store I spotted these babies and fell in love. I won’t be getting them any time soon, but I am keeping them on my radar. They look so cute and so comfy, and I just looove me some heeled booties. The London Square boots and the Shearling boots also look great by the way, adding those to my wish list as well!

Damn, I need to stop looking at that website, I’m on a shopping ban for god’s sake!

Thanks for stopping by ❤