No Shop November 2019

It sounds so easy, no shopping for a whole month, but honestly? I think it is going to be pretty damn hard for me. But I am doing it anyways, or trying at least. No shop November is on!

I can’t believe I am actually trying this though, not buying anything for a whole month! Well, not buying anything unnecessary, that is. Which for me is most things currently. This no shop rule is mostly for beauty and fashion, because I seem to get sucked into buying stuff there easiest. But home decor, stationary things, kitchen appliances and all those other things count as well. I don’t buy lots of that anyways (my boyfriend might disagree on some of that though..) but I think it is good to include it just in case I decide that, because I can’t buy one thing, I want to buy something else.
Obviously, the book buying ban still stands as well, although I have planned a little book shopping trip with a friend to Bookstor in The Hague, and that is my only exception to the rule (I recently found out that the next Aaronovitch book won’t be released until February so that’s off the table for this ban as wel…). But this post is not about books.

Like with the whole book buying ban I have a few rules, and I also have a few exceptions. A few things I have had on my wish list for a while, and if I find the perfect one, I am allowed to get it. Some things I haven’t had on my wish list for that long, but still, if I find the perfect thing I will get it.

My first no shop exception is a lamp. A nice, tall, simple lamp, for in the corner between our chair and our (well, mostly my) bookshelves. I have recently realized that I am missing just that in our living room, both for decoration as well as practicality. We have a lamp there currently, but it doesn’t look that great and the light is really harsh, not a soft glow that is perfect to read by and makes the room feel extra cozy. And that’s what I want.
My rule with that lamp though is that I want to get it secondhand. I don’t want to go to Ikea to just pick up any generic lamp, I want it to be an awesome little thrifted gem. Most of our furniture is thrifted or secondhand, and I feel like a lamp is something you can easily find that way so why not? It is also better for the environment and for my wallet, usually!

The other home decor thing I am allowed to get if I find the perfect one, is a nice big mirror. Kind of vintage looking but also very simple, that’s what I want. This, again, is something I will look for secondhand, and I don’t even know if I will make an effort to find it this month, but if I come across something that I absolutely love I will be allowed to get it. But I need to absolutely love and adore it!

The third and final home thing that I am allowed to get is not a very exciting one, but I thought I’d mention it since I am naming all the things on my wish list.. It’s storage boxes, both for under the bed and in our wardrobe. A boring one, I know, but something quite necessary. I want to create a capsule wardrobe just to make getting dressed in the morning a bit easier and more streamlined, and all the other clothes that won’t make it into the capsule will go into storage. Then, if I do really really want to buy something, I can just shop my stash instead! So it is actually a way to (hopefully) help me get through this No Shop November. It is also useful for our summer pieces and all that, so a win-win situation.

And that’s another rule that I am setting this month: if I actually need it, I am allowed to get it. If I run out of mascara (I won’t, I just got a new one) or eye cream (that I do need to get soon) I am allowed to buy it. If all my socks have holes in them, I am allowed to buy socks. There’s not a whole lot of stuff I expect to need though, maybe or two beauty products but that’s it, I’m good with all the rest of the things I own.

Two other things I am allowed to get this month, and that I probably will get towards the end of the month, are a tripod and a camera bag. These are two things that I think will help me with the blog and with my newfound photography hobby. They are also two things that I am allowed to buy new, but only after doing a good amount of research, which I have already done a little bit of but I can definitely do some more. They are things that I don’t have yet though, things that I can also see myself use for years and years and things that aren’t unnecessary, like so many of the clothes and beauty products I find myself buying so much of each and every month.

The one clothing item I am allowed to get, again if I find the perfect one, is a nice blazer. Preferably black, but I recently saw this gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger blazer in the men’s section in a thrift store that was brown with a cool striped print that I can’t get out of my head. And that’s the way I am allowed to buy it, secondhand. Not new from Mango or H&M, I am only allowed to get the blazer if I can find it secondhand, affordable and sustainable.

Where I am hoping to find said blazer, and also the last exception I have set for myself, is during the trip to a secondhand shop with my mother-in-law that I hope to plan this month. She is the absolute best in finding secondhand gems, and for my birthday she said she would take me to a really great thrift shop, where she’s found some amazing things already. If I find something I love during that trip – like the perfect blazer – of course I am allowed to get it! It is more so a fun trip than a shopping trip, the way I see it. I want to be very strict though, it needs to be something I can actually see myself loving and using for a long time. Can’t just buy something just to buy it, it needs to be something good.

Those seem to be a lot of exception to the no-shopping rule, but honestly I feel like I will already cut down on a whole lot of random things I usually get that I don’t actually need. And for most of these things I don’t even know if I will actually buy them this month, it’s just that if I do find them I am allowed to buy them. As you can see, there’s only one clothing item on the list, because I don’t need any more. I have enough, I don’t need to spend my money on more clothes or shoes or accessories. And lipsticks, foundation, eyeshadow and makeup brushes are also off the table.

How will I fill the time that I usually spend shopping, I am now wondering. I plan on reading a lot, and writing blog posts. I want to go on more hikes, do more photography, maybe declutter my house some more. I need to create that capsule wardrobe that I am going to buy those storage bins for. I can go for a coffee with friends, family or G. There is so much more fun stuff to do that I won’t have to spend money on, that is good for both my mind, body, bank account and also the world around us.

What I am hoping to learn from this challenge is to control my impulse shopping.. well… impulses. It is so easy to go out and pick up a new sweater, or some jeans. Even with secondhand shopping I am still unnecessarily spending the money and bringing the things into my home and my life, even though I don’t really need them. I don’t want that anymore. So here’s to hoping I succeed!

Thanks for stopping by ❤