Another Secondhand Haul – Autumn 2019

Oops, I did it again. But not the worst oops, as it is another secondhand haul this time!

Apparently my brain was like “we’re doing No Shop November next month so I need to get as much shopping in now as I possibly can”. What can I say, this is just what happens sometimes when I’m left to my own devices in a place with good shops. This time though, thankfully, it was a secondhand shop (well, two actually) so it’s not as bad. And I got some really great stuff!

Starting with something I didn’t actually buy, but rather saved from G’s closet declutter (that I do for him mostly, he just says toss or keep). But he did get this Levi’s denim shirt secondhand a few years ago, so it’s actually double great! I believe he got it at Episode, so it’s vintage, and I absolutely love this on me! Paired with a turtleneck tee (something I’ve been living in) and jeans, or maybe a cute lil skirt and a tight black bodysuit. I also tried it buttoned up all the way, with a belt right at the waits and some jeans and loved the look! I haven’t worn this out yet, as I’ve only just got it, but I cannot wait to style this all the different ways!

Speaking of turtleneck tee’s, this one is almost like it. Except that it’s a thin sweater instead of a t-shirt. And I love it. I picked this up for €3,50 at the Salvation Army shop that I mentioned in my previous Secondhand Haul, I recently discovered it and fell in love! And actually, I found out later that day that my mother-in-law, the queen of finding gems in secondhand shops, also loves that shop! Anyways, back to this top. So it’s a) super cheap, b) totally my style right now and c) very comfortable and a perfect extra layer for autumn and winter. It doesn’t have a tag, so I don’t know the brand or the material (but I don’t think it’s wool, rather a cotton or something like it). I just know that I love it and that I can see myself wearing it with so many different things, like that Levi’s shirt for example 😉

The other thing I picked up at the Salvation Army is this gorgeous, comfortable, slouchy in the best way H&M top. It has that oversized fit, with a deep v neckline and nice big sleeves. It is so wide which makes it so comfortable, and it is grey so it again goes with pretty much everything I own. This is again a great layering piece, it is thin enough to wear underneath cardigans and blazers but big enough that I can also wear a blouse or turtleneck underneath. This works great for the office or dressed up for drinks with friends, but it can also be worn on a cozy day inside where all I want to do is snuggle up in a blanket and some comfy clothes on the couch. It was absolutely worth the €3,50 I paid for it 😉

And on I went after the cheap Salvation Army shop, to a very much more expensive secondhand shop that is a lot more curated, but also.. well.. a lot more pricey. I love it though, as they have some awesome pieces, some real gems that I don’t think you will find in a regular secondhand shop (I probably won’t at least), and some really good brands as well. I picked up three things there, one of which is this colourful blouse that is originally from Catwalk Junkie. It caught my eye immediately as I was browsing through the tops, and I knew I had to at least try it on. It is so fun, the colours are very fall appropriate but also work well in other seasons, I love the pajama style blouses and the fit is really great on me. I don’t really know the retail prices of this brand, but secondhand this top cost me €20 and I feel like it is totally worth it!

This, though, is my favourite find of the day I think. This is a velvet leopard print Scotch & Soda blazer, and it is so absolutely fun, funky and amazing. I paid €40 for it, and just for fun I googled how much it was originally: €170! Saved some money there! I love how this blazer can spice up any simple outfit. It looks so good with that H&M top that I got, but also this with an all black outfit will look so good! Or some slinky dress, yes please! I’ve yet to try this with a belt around it, but I have a feeling that that will look really cool as well. Basically, I love this thing and I’m so happy that I managed to find it secondhand!

And last but certainly not least, I got a coat. It is by Gaastra, which is another brand I don’t really know anything about although I have heard of it. This is 70% wool, 30% something else (I can’t remember what and am too lazy to get of the couch where I’m writing this to check, sorry) and it feel so good, heavy and high quality. I just know this will keep me warm all winter. It is a large, meaning it is a little big on me, but that also means that I can fit all the thick sweaters underneath that I can possibly need. And also, I have quite broad shoulders so I need my coats to be a little bigger anyways. This coat is dark blue, has a lot of inside pockets, a belt to cinch in my waist, and some lovely details on the sleeves, as you can see. It has a button closure, which maybe is the only downside as it means the wind can get through a little easier but I feel like with how thick and heavy it is, that won’t be a huge problem. I am so happy I got this, I cannot wait to wear this, and I am pretty sure that the €50 I paid will be worth it!

And now I really need to stop shopping, both secondhand and new. Which is why I am definitely going to try to do No Shop November next month.

But more on that next week..

Thanks for stopping by ❤