Everyday Makeup Products – Autumn 2019

It is time for a little makeup talk. More specifically, my favourite makeup everyday makeup products.

I feel like I haven’t done a good lil makeup talk in a while. The last time I did a proper everyday makeup post is years ago I think. I’ve talked about individual products, but not the whole shebang. So today it is time for just that, I am going through all my favourite, most worn products that I tend to reach for on a day-to-day basis.

The Base

Starting with the base, of course, because it where you start with makeup as well. At least, I do. I don’t wear foundation or concealer every single day, but I do most days, as I like to even out my skin that tiny little bit. The foundation that I use is a very expensive one, but so far the one that seems to match my Asian skin tone the best. It is the Sensai Luminous Sheer foundation, and I wear the colour LS202 Ochre Beige. Not only does this colour work for me so well (at least, in the months that I’m a little paler, in summer this is way too light for me), I also love the formula of this. It feels so soft and silky on the skin, which is explained by the fact that there are tiny little silk particles in the foundation (at least so I was told by the girl selling me this stuff). It is matte – better for my combination/oily skin – but also nice an luminous as the name suggests. Lastly, it has nice sheer coverage, just the way I like it. It covers the redness in my skin, but my freckles shine through. The one downside for me is the price: over €50.

From the very expensive to the nice and cheap with my go to concealer, which is the Essence Stay All Day 16h concealer in the colour 10 Natural Beige I have used this for years, and I keep coming back to it after I try something new. This, like the foundation, is a light but perfect for me coverage. I don’t really tend to use this with the foundation, but rather one or the other depending on how I’m feeling and how much time I have (concealer is generally a little quicker to apply in my opinion). I use this around my now, under my eyes, on my chin and a little on my forehead to cover some of the redness and spots I might have. It is under €5 and so so flipping good.

If I want to add a little bronzer, blush and/or highlighter to my look, this little palette is my go-to. I picked it up in Germany when I visited my friend a few years ago, and it is the perfect combo. I especially love the highlighter, very subtle but gives a lovely glow, but the bronzer is also really good for me. I tend to apply it all with a light hand, as I am also deadly afraid of overdoing the bronzer and blush, but it gives me just that extra kick I want in my look sometimes. It is the Manhattan Contouring Kit, and I am pretty sure it was under €10.

The Eyes & The Brows

Moving on to brows, I have two favourite products these days. The thing that I tend to reach for the most is this Hema eyebrow pomade in the colour 56 Dark Brown I love this so much. The colour is good for me, it lasts aaaaages, and once you are used to the product it is very easy to apply and give that nice full brow look. It is also very cheap, I believe around €5, and for the amount of product you get that is great! Actually, it is just a great price even if you got less.. The one thing I will say is that it is easy to apply a little too much, so be careful of that when you use this.

The other brow product I’ve been loving is something I mostly use when I travel (aka when we spend yet another weekend in Delft), but I also reach for it when I just want a quick fix for my brows, usually when I’m not doing the rest of my makeup. It is the H&M Superfine Browliner in the colour Natural Black. and it is the ONLY affordable brow liner that is a match for the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wizz, or whatever that wonderful but expensive thing is called. This H&M one is €7 and a perfect colour match for my brows. The tip is super fine, so tiny and very precise, and I feel like this one actually lasts me longer than the Anastasia one did, but that might just be because I don’t use it every single day. Anyways, I love this stuff and have already purchased a backup because I don’t want to live without it.

For eyeliner I am still using my trusty Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in 26 Noir that I have been using for I don’t even know how long. I use this on my upper waterline or tight line or whatever that is called, to give my eyes that extra definition. It lasts so well, the colour is nice and black just how I like it, and it is only around €7. I don’t really know what else to say about this, other than that I will repurchase this until the end of time.

For mascara I tend to switch between a few, but currently I am using my favourite expensive one, the DiorShow Blackout mascara. This is expensive, yes, but I love the length and volume it gives my lashes, it is so nice and black, it stays on well but is also a dream to take off at the end of the day, and let’s be real. for some reason using a luxury mascara always feels like a treat. At least it does for me. I don’t know how much this is, I think around €35 or €40, but I tend to get is whenever Ici Paris XL has their 40% off all mascara (which they have quite often) just to treat myself.

Moving on to eyeshadow palettes, I have two that I find myself reaching for over and over these days. The first one is this Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy palette called 02 Ivory Power which I got over two years ago now. It is the perfect neutral everyday palette for me. A bit boring maybe to some people, but I absolutely love it, as I like nice and simple eye shades for the most part. It’s just easy. As you can see I mostly use the light cool toned brown in this palette, I wipe it all over the lid and in my crease, blend it out a bit and I’m good to go. If I want to deepen the look a bit I use the dark brown right at the root of my lashes and blend it upwards a bit. To highlight my inner corner, brow bone or just to blend the colours a bit more, I use either of the ligher shades. These also work well just over the whole lid whenever I want a bit of something, but not really a colour. I actually don’t use the shimmery colour a whole lot, although it is lovely just applied all over the lid. This was expensive, over €50 I think, but to me it is definitely worth it.

The other palette I reach for a lot is a lot cheaper. I don’t remember how much really, but I think around €15. It is, however, another great everyday palette, although this one can definitely also be used for some bolder looks. In this palette I tend to go for the rosy matte (second row, second shade) all over the lid, sometimes in combination with the dark reddish purple shimmer in the bottom corner closest to the camera if I want something a little extra. The other shades I gravitate towards in this palette are the three matte browns (top row middle and to the right of that one, and second row second from the right), either on their own or a combination of two. I play around with the simmers sometimes, but for an everyday look these are my go-to’s. This palette, by the way, is the Sunshine Palette from the brand Only You, and I think the name is perfect.

The Lips

Oh man, this is where I always get most excited. I just love love love lip products. I also tend to switch out the ones I reach for a lot so it’s kinda hard to narrow it down, but I tried to stick to the ones I really find myself going for the most these days. Starting with the one I love to wear if I want something bold an beautiful. Something fun, bright, happy and in your face. Something like the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in 13 Le Orange. It annoys me immensely that it is not L’Orange, as I thing it should be in proper French (but correct me if I’m wrong), but that’s besides the point. This colour first of all, is so. freaking. beautiful. It is my perfect orange-y red. I absolutely love it. The packaging as well, is gorgeous, luxurious, it just feels good to hold and use and have in my handbag, and it makes me so happy. And lastly the formula is absolutely amazing as well. Creamy and feels so good on the lips, so nice to apply and so comfortable to wear, but this also lasts like a dream. I was actually so surprised, because the formula is so creamy and buttery, that it lasted pretty much all day without fading a whole lot or bleeding into the lines around my lips. It is totally worth the €40 price tag, and I want this in every single colour.

Speaking of wanting the Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in every single colour, I also own it in a more everyday shade. This rosy one is 9 Rose Stiletto, and it is the perfect deep everyday rose colour. How many times can you say “rose” in a sentence? What can I say about this lipstick that I haven’t already said about the previous one? Not much, other than that this is a great everyday colour for me and that I love it to bits and that I still want all the other colours in this range as well.

Moving on to a more nude-ish colour, I also reach for my Mac Liptensity lipstick in Smoked Almond a lot. I got this a few years ago in Antwerp, and I still love it. It is another super comfortable lipstick to wear, again very creamy but lasts like a dream, and the smell is also very nice. This is a bit of a warm brown nude with some orange hints but not really (great description), and on me this is a bold nude I think. Definitely good for everyday, especially now that it is autumn. This is around €20 and totally worth it!

And lastly the liquid lipstick I find myself going for the most: the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the colour Cannes. This honestly is very similar to the Mac one (although a bit more rosey red rather than rosey orangy red brown), but in a liquid form that is a bit more matte. But still, again, so comfortable, creamy, lovely to wear. It is easy to apply, easy to throw in your bag, and about half the price of the Mac one so a good cheaper alternative. But for me, having them both is worth it!

And that’s the breakdown of the makeup I go for on an almost daily basis. There is so much I still wanted to add, like 10 more lipsticks and maybe the powder I use sometimes, but then this post would be pages long and also, realistically this is what I reach for most. And I love it.

Thanks for stopping by ❤