No Jeans Lookbook- Autumn 2019

Considering I live in skinny jeans, it is actually an accomplishment that I managed to find 7 outfits without jeans that I like. But I did!

I’ve tried to find a balance between outfits with dresses or skirts (well, all dresses in this post..) and outfits with bottoms that aren’t skirts but also aren’t jeans. And then I had to also make sure that I actually like them and would wear them, and that they are somewhat autumn appropriate.. it was hard guys, but I feel like I did a good job.

Now these aren’t all super warm outfits, I’m still hoping we’ll get a few more warm-ish days and otherwise these are great for next year’s early autumn or spring even. But I do love all of these and can see myself actually wear them/have already worn them.

Blazer: Mango – Top: Secondhand – Trousers: America Today – Sneakers: Nike

For the first outfit I went pretty safe. I swapped my black skinny jean for my new black America Today flared trousers (okay, more like leggings maybe), but other than that this is an outfit that is completely in my comfort zone. A cozy sweater, on warmer days I would wear a t-shirt, a blazer and sneakers. I wore this outfit on our way to Delft and I felt reallt good, comfortable and happy in it. A lot more comfortable than in jeans actually, because these pants are stretchy as life and I’m here for it! The main things we did this day was drive to Delft and finish the third and final scenario of Arkham Horror: The Card Game. And it was so. Fucking. Good!!

Sweater: Secondhand – Trousers: Secondhand – Shoes: Dune London – Handbag – Michael Kors

Another outfit with trousers, one that I didn’t actually wear out, except for the photo obviously. I can totally see myself wearing this look for both work and a casual day though, however the trousers I’m wearing here don’t actually fit me properly so this exact outfit might not make it out of the house. I love the soft pink look though, and with the loafers this outfit is perfect for a warmer autumn day. The sweater in this look is the same as in the previous look, but untucked for a more relaxed fit. This would also look very good with the blazer though, especially for at the office.

Top: Hema – Trousers: Secondhand – Shoes: Nike – Belt: H&M

Moving even further out of my comfort zone with wide cropped trousers. I love these, however I feel like they make my ankles look a bit weird.. that’s doesn’t matter though, I still like the overall look. I already know this rust orange turtleneck tee will be very well loved this autumn/winter, the colour is sooo pretty and it actually goes with a lot! I like the tight fit of the top with the wider fit of the trousers. I might prefer the look with either flats or heels maybe instead of my white sneakers, but I didn’t have them with me when I took the photo. I like the sneakers as well though, to dress down the look a bit more.

Blazer: Secondhand – Bodysuit: Hunkemöller – Trousers: H&M – Shoes: Vans – Belt: H&M – Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

I couldn’t not squeeze in an all black outfit, could I? Although I balanced it out with the funnest, funkiest blazer, ever. This is a very simple base, like I tend to wear anyways, just a black bodysuit (long-sleeved to keep me a little warmer), some cotton trousers that are kinda fancy but also kinda casual, and my black Vans that I still love to bits. What makes the outfit pop is the velvet leopard print blazer. Is it not one of the best things you’ve ever seen? It also adds a nice warm layer, perfect for the colder days. To bring a bit of shape back into the look (and also too keep the trousers up, as they are a little big around my waist) I added a simple black belt, and to add a bit more drama I also threw on my sunglasses. I can 100% see myself wear this look to the office, or on a fun day out.

Jumper: Stitch, Please – Dress: H&M – Shoes: Nike – Handbag: Michael Kors

On to the first dress outfit, this one being a slight variation of an outfit I wore last week in Delft. This dress paired with a sweater on top is my new favourite thing, it works so well! I liked it with my dark blue wool sweater, but with this super casual Stitch, Please sweater it works great as well! For some extra warmth I would wear capri leggings underneath it, but thankfully this day I could actually go without. I paired it with the Nike sneakers again and I love the look of it so much!

Also, peekaboo my grandpa, grandma and dad in the background😅❤

Dress: Mango – Top: Secondhand – Sneakers: Nike – Handbag: Michael Kors

Oh what a surprise, another outfit with the white sneakers. I wanted to try to do mostly dresses/skirts for the outfits, so I went for another layered look with a summer dress. This time I paired a little turtleneck sweater underneath the dress for a super simple casual look that is also cozy and warm. I feel like I would also love this with a turtleneck tee, simple black but also a colour, and of course the Nike sneakers.

Jumper: Stitch, Please – Skirt: H&M – Boots: Panama Jack

For this final look of the lookbook I went comfortable, cozy and very simple. Just a cute sweater, a tight black skirt, a pair of warm boots and some tights. And I love it. I tucked the sweater into my skirt to tuck in that waist a bit, and for some extra warmth I am wearing the bodysuit from the last look underneath it. Throw on a leather jacket or maybe a nice long winter coat, and you are good to go. I feel like this would also look so good with a knitted sweater instead of this jumper, but I absolutely love the colour of this one and it’s new, so I couldn’t resist.

And there you have it, a week’s worth of outfits that don’t feature jeans. I cannot believe I managed to find this many that I can actually see myself wearing out, and I am also still thinking of more looks. I might even have to do a winter version of this… 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤