New In – Canon EOS M50

I am so excited about this. I am not even gonna do the whole “oh I got a new thing but I’m not gonna tell you what it is” thing. It’s right there in the title. I got myself a new camera!!

I have wanted this thing for.. I don’t really know how long, maybe 6 months? At least 6 months! But I had a camera that wasn’t even a year old, it was fine, it did the job. But I didn’t love it, it was a simple compact camera by Sony that wasn’t super amazing, you couldn’t switch out lenses or things like that. But it was fine, small, easy to carry around. I didn’t have a good reason to buy a new camera other than that I wanted something that you could do a little more with, but to spend €600 on that didn’t feel justifiably just yet.

Until… we dropped the Sony camera…

I say we, as it was a joint mistake by G and I. I thought he still has a good grip on the camera and he thought I was holding onto it. We both let go. It fell. And it gave up on life. It doesn’t close all the way but also doesn’t open anymore, the screen is black and a little loose, it’s just gone. I do think I’ll try to get it fixed one day, but I also saw the dying of the camera as a perfect excuse to treat myself to this new baby.

Just look at that photo! Here’s another one:

Ugh, love. I am so happy with my new Canon EOS M50, it is so good and was well worth the almost €600 price tag. I love the quality of the images, I love how there’s so much more you can do with it because it is just a better camera than the simple compact camera I had before. I can switch out lenses, shoot in RAW, it has touchscreen, so many great functions.. The M50 is a mirrorless camera, so it is a little lighter and smaller than a DSLR, but I’m pretty sure it’s just as good. If I take of the lens (a 15-45 mm by the way) it fits perfectly in my little red Michael Kors bag!

I definitely want to get more lenses for this, a really good close up one and a bit more wide-angle. If I get an adapter for this thing, I can even use G’s DSLR lenses hehe. But for now this lens works great for outfit shots, Instagram and blog photos and generally playing around with it and getting to know the camera and it’s functions. I do also intend to get a tripod, so I can easily take outfit shots myself and also for any type of outdoorsy nature photography I might want to do. Because that’s another thing, I’ve always loved playing around with photography but lately I’ve been really getting into watching some landscape photographers on YouTube, and with that I have developed more of an interest in landscape/nature photography. G is also very much into that, so I’m looking forward to going out on hikes together and trying to take some photos, both of me (hehe, tricking the Instagram boyfriend into doing that for me) and of the world around me. I’ve even been thinking about creating a new Instagram account for my photography but like.. do I really want to have to keep up with another one? I can’t even handle two..!

Okay, that turned into a little storytime/ Just A Chat post. I’m just really excited about having a new, good camera.

Thanks for stopping by❤