New In Fashion – Autumn 2019

Told you I was bad at only shopping secondhand?

Yea so after last week’s very successful secondhand haul (been wearing that cardigan and there blue sweater non stop), I also did a bit of less sustainable new stuff shopping. It is all stuff that I can see myself wear for a long time, years definitely, which I do think is good, but still I always feel a little guilty when I shop new (which, if you follow along wealth my posts, you know I do quite a lot actually), especially because I just have a lot of clothes already..

But let’s not guilt myself too much, because like I said, it’s all stuff I can set myself wear for years so it’s worth it to me. However, I do plan on doing a sort of No Shop November type of thing where I’m basically not allowing myself to shop for the whole month of November. Although I might have to start in October already… and continue on into December…

Anyways, enough about that, let’s see what I got!

Let’s start with the basic boring items. I got some black tights because I’ve been wearing dresses and skirts a lot lately, and with this slightly colder, rainy weather I need those things to keep my legs from freezing off. Also tights dry quicker than jeans which is great for at work. I also got a pair of capri leggings for underneath longer dresses, so I can still pretend to rock a bare leg when in reality I am wearing an extra layer underneath the dress.

In recent years I have developed a love for turtleneck t-shirts in autumn and winter, and I feel like having a black one is a must. I already own one plain black turtleneck tee, but since I wear that quite a lot, I decided to pick up another one at Hema. It’s plain, simple and goes with literally everything. Oh, and this one is also incredibly soft. My one thing with turtlenecks is that I very quickly feel like they are choking me and I am not about that, but these are quite loose around my neck which is perfect!

I loved the black Hema turtleneck so much that I also picked one up in this perfect autumn colour, a rusty orange. I love love love this, so simple yet so eye-catching. I can pair it with everything neutral in my closet, which is pretty much everything, but I feel like I can also do a bit of colour blocking with this, as long as it is done with the right colours.

For the longest time I didn’t think I’d be a flared trousers kinda girl. But then I started seeing them on other people styled in the cutest way, and I started thinking about how comfortable they could be and then I decided that yes, I wanted to be a flared trousers kinda girl. So I picked these up at America Today and I love them. They are so comfortable, but styled in the right way with some white sneakers and a pretty top they are great for my office environment as well. These are plain black and ribbed, in a nice soft material, and I can actually see myself wearing these for a long time!

No, these are not the same trousers as before. Although they are the exact same style. The only difference is that they are a different brand – Only to be exact – and they are not ribbed, just completely un-textured. But still so comfortable and so cute. I may have gone a little overboard, buying two of the same style trousers so close together, but I do not regret it one bit!

One of my goals this autumn and winter is to wear more dresses and skirts. I have been doing that pretty well over the past few weeks, and might even do a little blog post about some of my favourite outfits. One thing I’ve noticed in this process though, is that I don’t own a whole lot of cold weather friendly skirts and dresses, or even that I don’t own a whole lot of skirts and dresses (though mainly skirts) that I love for this weather. So I went on the hunt for just that. And I found two absolutely amazing dresses at H&M. First of all this gorgeous white and blue number, isn’t it stunning? It is a midi dress that has kind of a kimono style, and is perfect for both the summer because of the loose style, but I also love it with tights and boots for autumn, or paired with a sweater on top like in the header of this post. I absolutely love this dress and I just know I will get my wear out of it.

The last item I got, also at H&M, is this simple black shirt dress. I have one in kind of the same style that I love year round, so when I saw this, I immediately knew this was for me. I do not regret buying this one bit, as I just know I will wear this so much. Paired with bare legs and boots like in this photo it is so cute, but also with tights and my heeled booties, maybe my winter boots, a blazer, or even a sweater on top. This dress is so versatile and right up my street. I try not to shop at H&M too often, but this one was an amazing find!

And that is all that I got over the past few weeks. Or months I guess, since the last time I did one of these. I feel like I got a pretty good autumn/winter wardrobe now that can also transition nicely into next spring and summer. I do have a few more fashion items on my wishlist that I plan on picking up in the next few months, but I honestly think I will do the No Shop November thing I mentioned earlier. If I do, I will of course do a lil blog post about it. I might even make the whole month a fashion post month! Or maybe not… we’ll see… okay I’m rambling now…..

Thanks for stopping by❤