Secondhand Clothing Haul – Autumn 2019

Autumn is here, and with autumn comes autumn fashion. And what better way to get some great cold weather layers and feel both warm and really good, than to do a bit of secondhand shopping?

That’s right, these is no better way. I’m really trying to shop more secondhand and sustainably, but you’ll see soon that I fail at that quite a lot. Recently however I did pick up so one absolutely great, like really really amazing, items secondhand and I am really excited to share those with you now!

My first stop when I went secondhand shopping was at this nicely curated but kind of (pretty damn) expensive store near where I live, where I picked up this pretty cardigan. This is by the brand Repeat Cashmere, and it is 80% wool and 20% cashmere. It cost me €50, which is kind of painful for secondhand, but also totally worth it because I’ve already been wearing this cardigan so much, and also the brand is pretty expensive as well. This thing just goes with so much of my outfits though, and it is nice and warm and soft and comfortable, and everything I want in an autumn/winter cardigan.

Is it grey or gray? Someone please tell me?!! Anyways, the other item I picked up at that expensive secondhand shop is this grey wool sweater. I love this so much! When I initially went looking for a sweater I thought I wanted that slightly oversized boyfriend fit, the reason for that being that my boyfriend won’t let me steal his grey cashmere sweater… but when I tried this one on I lived the fit so much that all the other ideas went out the window and I had to get this one. It is slightly more fitted but still very lounge-y and comfortable, and most importantly very nice and warm. This cost me around €30 and I just know it is worth the price!

Another nice warm sweater that is actually that slightly oversized boyfriend fit, mainly because I got it in the men’s section of the salvation army store, cost me around a tenth of the price of the cardigan, and around a sixth of the price of the grey sweater. It is this blue number, that I’m pretty sure is wool as well and cost me maybe €5 and omg I love it. Like I said, I found it in the men’s section of the store when I was looking for something cute and oversized and had to try it on as soon as I saw it. My boyfriend has that grey cashmere sweater that I’m not allowed to steal in blue as well, which I’m also not allowed to steal, so this looked like a great alternative. It is a men’s large but I don’t believe that as it fits me more like a women’s medium or something like that. I love it non the less, and have already worn it a few times.

Another great find at the Salvation Army store is this cute light blue blouse. This I did find in the women’s section, and it is yet another perfectly oversized piece. I thought that because of the light colour it would be a bit see-through, but it is actually far from it which pleasantly surprised me. I have worn this one a few times as well and really love how effortless it looks with jeans, but I think it would also pair great with a lil skirt in summer, or maybe some smarter white shorts (a pair of which I just happen to own). But then also, this layered underneath the blue of grey sweater? Yes, please!

And lastly a bit of a summer-y trend piece, this little floral (head)scarf. I’ve yet to find my favourite way to wear this, but I feel like for €1 it wouldn’t be the biggest loss if I find out I don’t really wear it. I’ve just been loving all the looks with this I’ve been seeing on Instagram, so I wanted to join the trend.

That, in my opinion, is a very good secondhand haul for the upcoming season. All lovely, good quality, warm pieces that are great for layering. With the exception of the scarf of course. I cannot wait to wear these all for along time to come!

Thanks for stopping by ❤