Not So Weekly Highlights #26

I know last week I raved about my new sneakers, but today’s NSWH is actually another pair of shoes. A pair that I have also been loving. A lot.

A pair that is also, by the way, a pretty new addition to my wardrobe, because I apparently have been needing (wanting) a lot of new shoes. I actually have a few more pairs on my wish list, some of which I will probably be getting soon. But I am also getting rid of a few pairs, so it all balances out nicely.

Anyways, today is not about that. Today is about a pair of sneakers that has made me very happy over the past month or so since I’ve had them.

These are the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and I am in love with them. They are a really popular shoe, I’ve been seeing them everywhere for a while now, and for good reason! They look good with so many outfits, are very easy to style and also very comfortable. I did have to break them in a bit, as the leather is a lot more sturdy than other sneakers I’ve had. But now that I’ve worn them for a while, they have become my go to sneaker. There’s just something I love so much about white sneakers, I feel lke they look a bit more chic than any other colour for some reason. And they go with everything.

I feel like with my vans and these, and of course the sneakers I already owned, my sneaker collection is pretty much complete. And I love it!

Thanks for stopping by❤