New In Beauty – September 2019

The weather is getting colder and wetter, the leaves are turning red, and I am doing something totally unrelated today: sharing some new beauty bits!

This post doubles up as a part one of What I Got For My Birthday, as I won’t be doing one of those posts this year. I got some beauty bits, some fashion bits, some books, but most of all some fun experiences which I have absolutely loved! My sister for example took my out for dinner at the restaurant she works at and it was so. absolutely. freaking. AMAZING. I’m still dreaming about the cheesecake we had for dessert. Also the wines were very very good.

Anyways, today is not about wine, it’s about beauty, and what’s new in my collection!

Looking at this photo I realise I forgot to include one item that I’ll just mention first. It’s the Lush Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil, which is one of their solid moisturisers that comes without packaging and thus is very sustainable. I got it recently because I am running out of my night time moisturizer so I thought I’d give it a try next. I used it once so far and I think I am really going to like it!

Moving on to what you can see in this photo. This Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo by The Body Shop is mainly a product that I picked up because I got sucked into a deal. It was only €4 if you spent a certain amount I think, and as I am running out of my current shampoo I thought I would just give it a try. Again a product I only used once so far, but I do think I will like this too.

Another thing I got in an effort to make my beauty routine a bit more sustainable is this bag of reusable cotton pads. I got this at Holland & Barrett and was really pleasantly surprised when I found them. I’ve used these a few times and realky like them. They are soft on the eyes and take my makeup off nicely, although I would recommend wetting them a bit before you use them. I just throw them in the washing machine with my towels (in a little laundry bag of course so I don’t lose them) to keep them clean. I am definitely going to pick up another bag of these so I have more.

The first birthday present I got is this perfume by Sara Jessica Parker called Lovely, that my mother-in-law bought me. First of all the packaging is just that: lovely. But the scent is great as well, it reminds me a bit of something my grandma used to wear, in a good way. It’s a bit of a heavier scent to me, definitely better for the upcoming colder months rather than summer. So it’s a good thing those colder months are coming our way!

These The Body Shop Banana shampoo and conditioner are repurchased items. I recently used up the travel sized shampoo and am almost out of my conditioner. I was planning on just refilling the bottles with something else but then one weekend I found myself in Delft without shampoo or conditioner, so I just picked these up again because I did really like them.

Another thing I repurchased is this The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm. This was also featured in my last Empties post and I was quite sad that I ran out of this as I loved it. So since I was in the store anyways the other week, I snatched this up as well and I am so happy to have it back in my life!

The last thing I got before we move on to my two favourite things in this post is this H&M Superfine Browliner in Natural Black. I already have one of these and am not necessarily running out (as far as I know) but I didn’t know if they still sold this as last time I got it with a massive discount. So when I saw that they still had this I immediately bought a backup. Clearly I love this stuff, it is such a good colour for me, the tip is absolutely tiny and the formula is great as well. H&M did really good here!

Do you see the beauty? The shine? That gold? THOSE COLOURS?? Basically, I found my new favourite lipsticks. These two babies are the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks in 9 Rose Stiletto and 13 Le Orange. They are the beauty birthday presents I got myself with the €5 birthday discount I got at Ici Paris and Douglas, two beauty stores  here in the Netherlands. It started with the pinkish one, which is a bold everyday dark nude-y pink colour, if that makes sense. As soon as I tried this out in store I was like “yes, I love this, this is for me!” so I bought it with the discount. And then, when I noticed how comfortable it was to wear, how long it lasted on the lips and how absolutely happy the packaging makes me, I knew I wanted more. So I picked up this gorgeous orangey red a week later and I’m obsessed! This also lasts so well but feels so nice on the lips and despite the price (€40 for one little lipstick) I would highly recommend this to any lipstick lover.

Damn, how long can a girl chat about lipsticks?

Anyways, these are all the beauty bits I picked up recently. I love them all so far, but I will of course keep you updated on whether my thoughts change.

Thanks for stopping by❤