Empties #12

I used up some stuff, I decluttered some stuff, and today I’ll show you what all that stuff is.

Yep, it has been a while, but it is finally time for another empties post. And a little declutter as well because I seem to be doing a lot of that these days (got rid of a bunch of clothes as well) (although I do need to find time to bring them to the thrift store/sell them).

Anyways, I used up/got rid of quite a few things. Mostly makeup items, but there is also random stuff in there as well. I have also already used up some more stuff since taking these photos – some favourites, sadly – so I will be doing another one of these soon I think. But for now, let’s see what I’ve got.

Starting with makeup, most of which is decluttered stuff actually.

  • BE Creative Makeup Intense Lipstick in 009 Lover. I got this lipstick quite a few years ago, and although I did absolutely love the colour, and I’ve worn it a fair few times, I haven’t been reaching for it a whole lot in recent years. The main reason for that being that I actually don’t love the formula, it just doesn’t really last on my lips as long as I’d like. So I decided to declutter it.
  • Rimmel London The Only One Lipstick in 810 One Of A Kind. Another lipstick I am saying goodbye to, as I did a mini lipstick declutter a while back. I love the formula of this lipstick, so creamy and lovely on the lips. I also love the colour, a dark dark purple-ish red. However, the two together, for me, just don’t work. With a dark colour like this I want something that stays put and doesn’t bleed into any fine lines, and because of the formula I just find myself worrying about that too much.
  • Hema Soft Matte Lip Balm in 02. The last lipstick I am saying goodbye to has actually been a favourite for a long time. However, again in recent years I just haven’t been reaching for it enough to keep it in my stash. It is something in the formula again that I find is just not my absolute favourite thing. Still a great lipstick, but just not for me anymore.
  • Essence Maximum Definition Mascara. Moving on to a mascara I have used up, one that I have a love-hate relationship with. I love it, but then I use other ones that I decide are better, but then I still find myself wanting to try this out again after a while. I am not going to say that I will never get this again, but I also won’t say that I will for sure repurchase this.
  • Essence The False Lashes Mascara. This one is a mascara I love. I haven’t used it all up, but I recently got another one of my favourite but very expensive mascara’s, the DiorShow Blackout, and I really wanted to dive right into that one. So, seeing as this was half used up anyways, I decided to just say goodbye to this one and open up the other one. I will probably repurchase this one, as I do love it.
  • Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara Primer. I haven’t used a mascara primer in yeeeaaars, but a few months ago I decided to try it again, and start with this cheap one. I do really like the effect if gives my lashes, just a bit more drama and va-va-voom , but it is an extra step each morning that I don’t always want to bother with.
  • Catrice Camouflage+ Concealer in 20 Light Ivory. And the last makeup bit I used up is this concealer. I liked it, the colour worked for me and it did the job, however the packaging bothered me intensely. You can clearly see that it has leaked a bit around the edge, meaning I would get concealer on my hands every morning and in my makeup bag whenever I took this with me. I don’t know if I just had a bad one, but it bothered me enough to say that I probably won’t get this again.

And now onto the random things. No actual skincare in there this time, although I am running out of a few things currently.

  • Hema Cosmetic Brush Cleanser. I use this brush cleanser to spot clean my makeup brushes when I am lazy (which is most of the time), and now I used it up. It is cheap, does the job, and to me doesn’t really have a scent which is quite nice. I have already repurchased this.
  • Jumbo Care Deodorant. This was just a random deodorant I picked up when I was staying at my dad’s place in Delft and needed one, but honestly, I actually quite liked it. It is a very simple, plain, no fuss roll on one, but it did the job and it was nice and travel friendly.
  • The Body Shop Rain Forest Moisture Shampoo. Is it really an empties post of mine if there is no The Body Shop product in there? I actually bought this travel sized shampoo a while ago, used it a few times and then forgot about it because I got a set of shampoo and conditioner I started using. And then I got another one. And then a few weeks ago I knew I needed to wash my hair at my mom’s place and remembered to bring this one. This shampoo did the job, but it didn’t blow my mind, and I feel like I needed a lot of it to make my hair feel clean. I don’t think I will buy this again.
  • The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Conditioner. One thing that I will consider buying again is this conditioner from The Body Shop. First of all because it smells like those Haribo candy bananas, but also because it made my hair feel nice and soft and nourished, as the name suggests. I already knew I liked the hair mask of this line, but the conditioner is great as well!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Balm. And last but certainly not least, a lip balm. I love lip balms, especially in the colder months but really just year round. I use it morning and night, so it did not surprise me when I used this up relatively quickly. It did make me sad though, because I liked this one a lot, especially the fact that it is a twist up, which is way easier that the lip balm in a pot like I have now. And it also just did the job really well. I will definitely repurchase this.

And that is all I have to show you today. As always, some great products and some not as good ones. And surprisingly, no dry shampoo 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤