TBR 2019 September Update

Slowly but surely we are moving into autumn, so I think it is time for another 2019 TBR update.

I did one of these at the beginning of the year, and then another one in May, so I feel like September is a good time to do my last TBR update of 2019. Unless I do an end of the year round-up, which would actually be really fun.

Anyways, I want to read at least six more books this year I think (although I have almost reached my Goodreads goal) so I still have a few books on my list for the autumn and winter. Not a whole lot has changed though since the last update, I am still pretty happy with the books that are on there.

Still, let’s see what I have read, still need to read, and have added since last time.

Starting with all the books that were still on my TBR list in May.

The one book I have read of the list since my last update is Call Me By Your Name. You can find my full review over here, but basically I did really enjoy it and I am happy I saved it for summer, as it is a beautiful summer read. I read the other day that André Aciman is writing a sequel, so I cannot wait for that one!

The book, or series actually, that has stayed on this list since the beginning of the year, is Harry Potter. I do still expect to pick it back up in autumn/winter, for me that’s more so the time that I want a nostalgic, cozy read, so it is staying on my TBR for now. I do hope to finish at least the fifth book this year.

Another series type of thing that I kept on the list is a book from my Penguin English Library collection. I read At The Mountains Of Madness earlier in the year, and mentioned last time that I wanted to read at least one more. I have narrowed that one down to The Adventure Of The Engineer’s Thumb And Other Cases, which is a Sherlock Holmes short story collection. I have still been in a short story mood, so this should work for me right now.

The Dutch but actually German but now also translated to English book from last time, De Schapen Van Glennkill, or Three Bags Full, is also still on this list. I still want to read it as it still sounds fun, and I feel like it would be a good one for the colder months.

Agatha Christie is another one that was a bit broader on my list, and I still want to read more of her books. Last time I mentioned Appointment With Death as the one I want to read, and I am still on that one. I do also have a few more of the books now that I haven’t yet read, but this one is still highest on my list.

And the last one that I kept from my previous update is to read more Penguin Little Black Classics. Again, I narrowed these down to just one which is The Figure In The Carpet by Henry James. Hopefully this gives me aaalll the spooky vibes I will want in October.

I have added just two extra books to the list. There are definitely more books on my shelves that I know I will want to read over the next few months, but these two are highest on my list.

First of all, the book I am currently reading, as it has been on my TBR as soon as I got it (although it actually moved to my Currently Reading shelf pretty quickly). It is Bitten by Kelley Armstrong, and I am determined to finish it in September. I have a feeling that it is a great autumn read for me, a little bit spooky with the werewolf stuff, definitely very sexy, and just a quick and easy, fun read.

And the only other book I have added to my TBR is probably going to be my October read, if I can hold off reading it for that long. It is Classic Ghost Stories, which is a collection of scary short stories and I am so excited about reading this! It has some writers I know I love and some I haven’t read before, and I cannot wait to dive in! Also, that hardback cover is just too die for, I’m obsessed.

And that is my last TBR update for 2019 probably, if I don’t end up doing an end of the year TBR evaluation in December. We’ll see..

Thanks for stopping by❤