Not So Weekly Highlights #25

It has been a hot second since I did one of my Not So Weekly Highlights. That being the exact reason I added the Not So Weekly.

But today I am back with an item (or two, but they’re pretty much the same thing) that I have been loving lately, and that I wanted to put in the spotlight and share with you. It’s a clothing item, one that has been absolutely perfect for my everyday life these days, both for at the office and at other times.

And that item is a blazer! In particular this light grey Mango blazer that I got in the sale right before I went to Canada. I have loved this thing over the past month or so, have worn it most days as an extra layer or just as a jacket. It is nice and long lined, and a little bit oversized which I like, and it basically goes with all my everyday outfits (aka jeans and a t-shirt). But it clearly also pairs really well with a dress, as shown in the photo above. I feel like adding a blazer to an outfit just immediately gives it a boost, it makes it look more put together and a little more fancy (whoa, groundbreaking information right there). It is also a great extra layer, and it makes me feel like a young professional which honestly is a nice feeling sometimes.

The other item I was talking about is this creme coloured Mango blazer that I’ve had for about a year now. I’m pretty sure I’ve featured this as a highlight before and it’s what really got me hooked on these longer blazers. I still reach for this one a lot as well, and I feel like, despite these two blazers being kind of similar with the light colours, they still give a slightly different vibe and I love them both!

A year ago I would’ve never really thought I’d be a blazer girl, but now, honestly, I’m hooked.

Thanks for stopping by❤