The Big Book Buying Ban

Is really, truly, starting now.

Well.. I mean.. I do have a pretty big book haul coming up. But after that it is starting!

I have been saying I need/want to do a book buying ban for years now, but I never actually committed to it because I love buying books. But I have recently decided that I really need to read my books first, before I am allowed to buy more. This year I have already gotten 22 new books and I’ve read 16. Which isn’t actually too bad, unless you consider the fact that I also already own a bunch of unread books that need to be read.

So, the book buying ban is really happening this time. I have set a few rules though, to make it a bit easier for me. First of all, there are a few books I am allowed to buy, and a few situations in which I am allowed to buy books. For example, when the new Aaronovitch book comes out in (hopefully) November, I am allowed to buy that one. I am also allowed to buy books if I get a gift card for books. Obviously books I get as presents are more than welcome as well, I can’t help it when people want to gift me books 😉 and books in other series that I really really REALLY love, are okay as well, but not all at once, So when I finish Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and I feel like I truly can’t wait until this book buying ban is over, I am allowed to get the next book. And then I think I am also going to give myself the Penguin Little Black Classics, but ONLY if I visit Bookstor in The Hague.

But those are all the exceptions I am setting for this ban. All the other books that I want to get because I am bored, or not feeling any of the unread books on my shelves, are not allowed to be bought by me. The books that I want to get because I have to wait somewhere and I’ve forgotten to bring my own book, they are staying in the bookstore. Those books that are out of my reading comfort zone, but just soooo damn pretty, they are left to look pretty for someone else.
That is, until the end of the year, when the book buying ban is over and I have hopefully made a bit of a dent in the piles of books I’ve yet to read. I mean, my Goodreads goal is set to 20 books, and considering I am at 16 already I think I am easily going to surpass that goal. So I am thinking my unofficial goals is to read at least the same amount of books that I have bought or received this year, meaning at least 22 books in total as of now, meaning I have another 6 books to read before the end of the year if I don’t get any new ones.. 2 books a month? Sounds doable!

I will obviously keep you posted on how this is going, both on the whole not-buying-books thing as well as the at-least-22-books thing. And of course also on what books I am planning to read now that I can’t buy new ones.
I definitely think it is going to be pretty hard, especially considering that I want to also visit all these pretty Dutch cities with all these amazing bookstores.. (which you will know about if you read last Friday’s blog post 😉 )

Are you a book buying addict like I am, or can you control yourself whenever you are in a bookstore?

Thanks for stopping by ❤