Books I Am Getting Rid Of (And Why)

I love having books. Like, a lot. But recently I have decided that I only want to have books that I actually love having. Which means, I need to declutter.

Now, a while ago – maybe 6 months or so – I got rid of a bunch of books that I decided weren’t for me anymore. I read them once but didn’t really care for them anymore. And it felt really good! I had space to put some new books that I did love, and because I sold the books to a local secondhand bookstore, I also had some extra money to treat myself to a new book. Win-win situation, if you ask me!

So I decided to go through my books again a few weeks ago and pick out the ones I didn’t want to own anymore. And today, before I donate or resell these books, I thought I’d tell you why I am getting rid of them.

Let’s start with these three. The first one, Moulage, is actually a pretty old book. I got it years ago from my dad, back when I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. It is a kind of technical book about creating clothing, and although I really really wanted it at the time, I never actually did anything with it. So I thought it deserved a new home where it would be loved, and thus I am getting rid of it.
The next book is one I bought myself, and one that I featured on the blog a few times. It is Capture Your Style by Aimee Song, and it is basically a book about Instagram and taking nice photos. It is a very aesthetically pleasing book, with lovely pictures throughout, and I quite enjoyed reading it and flipping through it. I kept it for nice flatlay photos for a while, but I really don’t take many of those anymore, so I don’t feel like I have a reason to keep this book.
Then, a Dutch book about flowers and plants, called Zaadbomen (seed trees, I guess is the translation). I got it for my birthday from my aunt a few years ago, after we moved into a house with a garden. I was actually quite excited about it and thought I would start doing things in the garden, but really all we do is basic upkeep and I haven’t read a single page in this book. So, again, I feel like there is someone who would love this more.

And then we have 6 more books, that for various reasons I am getting rid of. Starting with the two books written by Anna Nooshin, a Dutch blogger/youtuber/presenter/internet fashion person/business woman. I first got her first book, On Top, and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I thought her writing was quite funny and relatable, and the stories she told were quite interesting and inspiring. So then I got her second book, On Life, which was still enjoyable but I didn’t love it as much as the first one. The thing I especially loved about both, again, were the photos and the all over aesthetic. However, neither are books I can see myself read again, so I don’t really feel the need to keep them.

Time for the fictional books I am getting rid of. First of all, The Feaster From The Stars by Alan K. Baker (find my review here). I definitely did not dislike this book, I actually kind of enjoyed the story and I thought I would pick up the book that comes after this one in the series. However I never really made a move to actually do that, and I don’t see myself reading this one again if I don’t also buy the other books in the series. So I am getting rid of this, and making space for other books.
I am also getting rid of The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert (review over here). This was a book I read late last year, and one I didn’t really enjoy. I liked parts of the story, but the main character annoyed me a lot, too much for me to enjoy the book. I know I will not read this again, so goodbye to this it is.
Another book I did enjoy, but know I won’t read again, is Island Of The Phantoms by Stephen Alter (click for the review). I thought it would be YA, but in fact it was a children’s book. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I just know I don’t want to keep it.
And lastly, a book I read years ago, really really loved, but know I won’t reread again, is The Hunger Games. Is that a little controversial? Maybe, but I just know I probably won’t ever read this again, so there is no need for me to keep it. I know lots of people love this book, and if I do end up wanting to reread the book in the future I am sure I will find it somewhere.

And those are all the book I am saying goodbye to. 9 books in total, I think that is pretty good. Some were ones I loved, some I didn’t like as much, and some I never ever read. I am probably going to sell a few of these to a local secondhand bookshop, and donate the rest to my local thrift store. I hope all of these will find a nice new home.

Thanks for stopping by ❤