Collective Haul – August 2019

It feels like so long since I did a haul, but in fact, it was only last week.

Still, that was my “things I got in Canada” haul, so it feels different. This is a “things I got over the past few weeks in the Netherlands” haul, a normal haul. And I am so excited to share it with you, because I got some good stuff!

This is basically a collection of things I received as gifts, things I panic-shopped during the heatwave a few weeks ago, things I had been wanting for a while and also some things I needed. Let’s get into it right away.


Starting with shoes and sunglasses, which I put in one photo because it’s easy. I had been wanting a fancier pair of sunglasses for so long now, and after getting back from Canada I decided to just bite the bullet and spend that money. I ended up with these black Ralph Lauren ones, and I am so happy with them! They are pretty diva, which is something I love in my sunglasses, and they just work so well with my style. I definitely notice a difference in quality when comparing these to the €5 pair I got in the past. I love them, and do not regret spending that €100 one bit!
As for the shoes, these heels were what I ended up with when I went out to find a cute heeled summer sandal. The goal was to not get black shoes, but I clearly failed. I do not regret that one bit though, as I love these shoes and have been wearing them a fair amount for the type of shoe they are. I love the look of these with mom jeans, but really with jeans in general, though they look super cute with dresses as well. They are from Sacha, a shoe store I have fallen in love with over the past year or so, and they are pretty damn comfortable (for the heel height, that is).

The second pair of shoes I got, is another pair of white sneakers. I have been eyeing these up for a while and seen them on various people online, and when I was in Delft this past weekend I couldn’t help myself. I tried them on and loved them! They are the Nike Air Force 1 in white (obviously) and they are a little chunkier than I am used to, but I actually love that! I need to break them in a little bit, but they are also already very comfortable and I know I will wear these a ton. I mean, they are white sneakers!

Moving on to my summer heat panic shopping purchases from Mango, starting with this navy blue midi dress. I absolutely love this one to throw over a bathing suit or just to wear on those suuuper hot days where you don’t have to dress too fancy. It is very comfortable and easy to wear, and I love the fact that it can be worn casual with sandals or sneakers, but I also know I can dress it up with a pair of heels and maybe a belt around the waist. In the header photo of this post I am wearing it to the beach, and I am slightly obsessed with that photo.

The other dress I got that day is this linnen one, also from Mango, which I mainly bought with work in the back of my mind. I love the fancier look, the pattern and the fit of it (can you tell I’m really into midi dresses?) and the fact that it is very work appropriate but also very hot summer day appropriate. I wore it to work once on one of those hot days, and then also to a fun day out in Delft, and I loved it both times.

The third and final this I got at Mango is something that is not very hot weather appropriate, but definitely great for work and totally my style. It is this black and white striped blouse that I also got at Mango. It is a very comfortable, loose fit that looks amazing with skinny jeans (my go to outfit always) but also works with mom jeans, trousers and some of my skirts. I have been wanting to wear more blouses as I love the look and it makes me feel a little more professional, so I feel like this is a great addition to my wardrobe.

And then lastly for fashion bits, I got this bright yellow bathing suit from H&M. Did I need it? Definitely not, but I did absolutely love the look of it, and I have been getting really into one piece bathing suits over the last few years so this I felt was a nice addition to the collection. Now, I have worn this once and I loved it, it is a little bit higher on the hips which is really flattering, the colour is very fun and I love the straight neckline with the tiny little straps. However, I feel like it is a little bit see-through around my boobs, especially when it is wet, so that’s kind of a problem. I am going to wear the suit in the shower and triple check this in the mirror before I wear it out a second time, because I’m not really into flashing the whole beach when I’m swimming..


Moving on to beauty, I got 3 things recently. The first one is this Daisy Love scent from Marc Jacobs, that I got as a present from my friend who was visiting from the States a few weeks ago. I have sniffed some of the Daisy variations in the past and thought they were alright, but this one I actually really love, and it is a great spring and summer perfume for when I run out of my other one (and also now as well). I also love the light pink bottle with the massive flower, it looks great on my perfume shelf!
Then I also picked up some skincare things at Lush the other day because I needed them. The first thing is this Imperialis daily moisturizer, that I got because I am running low on my other moisturizer. I have only tried this on the back of my hand in store, but from that little try out I just know I will love this.
The other thing is this 9 to 5 cleansing lotion, for both cleansing my face (duh) and taking of my makeup. I have used this a few times, and I have thoughts. First of all, this leaves my skin feeling great, really soft and clean without being dried out or anything, and I feel like over the last few days since I’ve been using it, my skin also has cleared up a bit. I’m just not sure about the makeup removing aspect of this, I’ll have to play around with it a bit more. I’ve been following the instructions I got in store (wet the face, rub a bit of this on it, wash off) but I am going to try it with a wet face towel instead, I feel like that might work better.

Other Stuff

And lastly I got a game. Well, 2 games actually, but I left one at my dad’s place so I don’t have it here to show you. The one that I do have here to show you is Fluxx, the Monty Python version. I again got this as a gift from my American friend, and it is such a fun and simple game. You have basic rules, which is draw one card and play one card until you reach the goal, but then there are new rule cards, the goal keeps changing, there are little assignments you can do, it’s all very fun. And this one is inspired by Monty Python, which makes it extra fun. There is also a Fluxx Cthulhu version which I am desperate to get my hands on as I have been reading Lovecraft lately.
Speaking of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu, the game I don’t have here to show you is the Arkham Horror, The Card Game which I bought and played with my dad every evening last weekend. It is a kind of interactive role playing card game, which might sounds a bit weird but it is so interesting and intriguing. It is inspired by the stories from H.P. Lovecraft, and it is basically kind of like a video game, but without the computers. It is kind of hard to explain and we even played the first “chapter” of the story line 2 times because we didn’t really understand the rules, but it is so fun and interesting and I can’t wait to continue playing it!

And that I all that I picked up recently, from fashion and beauty all the way to games. I am very happy with all of this stuff, I feel like they are all great purchases. Now I need to stop shopping again 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤