5 Places In Europe I Want To Visit

Now that I’ve been back in the Netherlands and normal life for about a month, I think I am ready for another trip.

Sadly, that probably won’t be happening any time soon, especially not a nice long trip, but a girl can dream right? And also, a girl can plan little one night getaways if she can convince her boyfriend. But can a girl convince her boyfriend…?

Anyways, all jokes aside, I really do already want to leave again. The country, preferably, but at least my familiar surroundings. But I can’t, because work and money ya know.. What I can do, though, is dream of places I want to visit. And today I am doing just that! I am sharing a list of places I would love to visit here in Europe. Some places I’ve already been before and would love to explore a bit more, and some places on this list are totally new to me. They are definitely not the only places in Europe I want to visit, but they are the first I thought of when I made this list.

Ardennes, Belgium

I’ve visited the Ardennes a few times in my life, most recently last year when G and I went to La-Roche-en-Ardennes for a week, and I absolutely loved it. I definitely want to go back and explore the region more, as it is pretty big and there is so much to see. You have a lot beautiful hikes there, both long and short, and the loveliest little towns and cities. It is also close to the Netherlands, pretty easy to reach by train and even easier to get to if you have a car. Although I have nothing planned yet, I already cannot wait to sip some delicious Belgian beers in a pretty little town.

The Black Forest, Germany

Before we knew going to Canada this summer, we were looking into maybe going to the Black Forest in Germany for holiday. And after doing some research on the area, I definitely know I want to visit someday soon. The nature looks absolutely beautiful with amazing places to hike, camp and take photos. But the towns, from what I can see on Pinterest, also look very pretty and magical. I have also not been to Germany very often, so I’d love to explore the country a bit more and I would like to start with this area. Also, I just finished reading a book set it Germany so that would just make it extra fun to visit.

Gorge Du Verdon, France

Adding another place that I’ve already been to to this list, the Gorge Du Verdon has been a place I have been wanting to visit as soon as I left it 9 years ago. I visited it with my dad and sister back then, and absolutely loved the nature (again, it’s a recurring theme) and town that we stayed at. But also the road trip we took to the area I enjoyed a lot, so I would really just love to do that again as well. We went through the Jura and the Alps, which had beautiful views from what I can remember. I mean, I would love to explore so many more places in France, but the Gorge Du Verdon and the drive over are highest of my list.


Now this is a country that I really don’t know anything about, aside from what I’ve seen on Pinterest. And from what I’ve seen on Pinterest, it is absolutely beautiful. The nature, which is what I’ve seen mostly, just seems so enchanting, with forests, rivers, caves, lakes, hills and mountains. But then also the town, buildings, architecture (same thing, I know), it all looks amazing and I want to see it for myself. Like I said, I don’t know anything about the country, about the people and the currency and how travel friendly it is at the moment. But I want to discover it non the less.

The Shetland Island, UK

The one place that is really really REALLY high on my list of places I want to see, is the Shetland Island in the UK. Influenced by the TV series Shetland? Definitely, but they just make it look so damn good. On photos the region also looks absolutely breathtaking, and what I love about the idea of visiting the islands, is that it seems like it’s not super touristy yet, at least I haven’t really seen it on Instagram or anything like that. I could be totally mistaken, I mean you shouldn’t base your opinion or information solely on what you see on Instagram, but the whole idea of Shetland just feels remote, calm, peaceful and enchanting. And I want to go there so bad!

Oh man, there are so many more places I want to add to the list! Other parts of Germany, specific town in the Ardennes, cities, countries, forests. But this is only a list of five places, so we will stick to those five places for now. But I might do a part two in the future.

Have you ever been to one (or more) of these places? What was your favourite thing?

Thanks for stopping by ❤