Currently Reading Update – Summer 2019

Back in February I shared this post, telling you about all the books on my Goodreads Currenly Reading shelf. Today I am revisiting that shelf. I am already scared..

Why scared? Because some books that were on that shelf last time, have been on there for a long long time. And I feel kind of guilty for not finishing them (but not guilty enough to actually start reading them again). But I also feel like I actually did pretty well on the reading front, especially in spring, so I think that revisiting my Currently Reading Shelf won’t be too bad.

These are the 7 books that were on my Currently Reading shelf last time. At the time of writing this, there are 6. Seems like I didn’t really make any progress, but let’s have a look

The Turn Of The Screw – Henry James

Page 16 of 176. Last updated 26 July 2016.
Sooo still the same as last time, I did not read one single extra page of this book. I swear I plan on picking it back up someday though, but maybe after I read my Penguin Little Black Classic by James, so I can get into his writing style a bit easier. Also, I may have to start at the beginning..

The Adventure Of The Engineer’s Thumb and Other Cases – Arthur Conan Doyle

Page 3 of 371. Last updated 14 November 2016.
Same situation with this one, I haven’t continued reading this just yet. It is on my TBR for 2019 though, so I hope to get to that this year. We shall see though, because I feel like I’ve been saying that for the last 3 years..

Winter – Marissa Meyer

Page 150 of 824. Last updated 25 May 2017.
He. He. He… nothing changed here either. I’ve just not been motivated to pick it up. I sometimes think about it, it was on my bedside table for the LONGEST time, but I just haven’t gotten back into it. I want to finish it, because I want to finish the series, but for now I haven’t. Yet. I hope..

At The Mountains Of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft

Well, well, we finally came to a book I did manage to read. The last time I did this post it was on page 21 of 128 (last updated on 4 August 2018) and now I have finished it. You can read my thoughts on the book here.

Lies Sleeping – Ben Aaronovich

This one actually took me a surprisingly long time to finish. I bought it in November 2018 and only managed to finish it in April 2019, even though I thought I would fly through it in no time. However, in the end Aaronovich did not disappoint. Read my full review on the book in this blog post.

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix – J.K. Rowling

Page 58 of 766. Last updated 2 December 2018.
Another book I haven’t finished yet is Harry Potter, but in the update I already mentioned that I knew I wouldn’t pick it back up for a while. I feel like Harry Potter is more of an autumn/winter book for me, so I am expecting to get back into the series in a few months. I definitely still hope to finish this one before the end of the year.

Percy Jackson And The Titan’s Curse – Rick Riordan

At the time of writing that post, I was in the middle of my Percy Jackson reread, and apparently I was working my way through the third book of the series at that time. In fact, I finished it the same month that the Currently Reading post went up. You can read my thoughts on the book right here.

Okay, 3 books out of the 7 is pretty good, I think. I mean, it is almost half of what was on my shelf. I also read a bunch of other books in the 5 months since doing that post:

  • Percy Jackson And The Battle Of The Battle Of The Labyrinth
  • Percy Jackson And The Last Olympian (I was on a Percy Jackson craze, obviously, and I do plan on continuing that with some other series of his).
  • The Furthest Station – Ben Aaronovich. I just can’t get enough of the Peter Grant series, and this book did not disappoint.
  • The Sea Raiders – H.G. Wells. Love me some Penguin Little Black Classics!
  • Save The Date – Morgan Matson. We were moving into summer by that time, and Matson’s books are great summer read.
  • Call Me By Your Name – André Aciman. Now I just need to watch the movie.
  • The October Man – Ben Aaronovich. Sneak peek of my July/August Reading Wrap Up.

I mean, that is seven books in total, the same amount as on my shelf during my last update. But of course I also added a few to the shelf, because that’s just who I am.

The Lovecraft Compendium – H.P. Lovecraft

Page 133 of 208. Last updated 4 August 2019
This is one of the books I am currently actively reading, and maybe (hopefully) I will finish this one on the weekend. After finishing At The Mountains Of Madness and really enjoying that one, I thought I’d give Lovecraft’s other stories a try. This is a collection of short stories about the Cthulhu or stories that are linked to the Cthulhu, and I am thoroughly enjoying them so far. I definitely get on better with his writing style in these than I did in At The Mountains Of Madness, so that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow – Damian Dibben

Page 31 of 320. Last updated 19 May 2019.
I read only a little bit of this book, but was instantly enchanted by the writing style and setting. However at the time of starting this book, it just wasn’t what I was in the mood for, so I haven’t picked it up since May. I do plan on reading it soon, though, because I do expect to love this one. It might be more of an autumn/winter book for me. I mean, just look at that cover, doesn’t it scream winter?

Bitten – Kelley Armstrong

Page 76 of 422 Last updated 7 August 2019
I finally picked up another Kelley Armstrong book when I was in Canada, after wanting to read more of her writing for aaages (ever since I finished the Chainsville series). I actually managed to not dive into it for a while and instead read some other things that I was equally as excited for (looking at you, October Man). But now I am very much into it, and although I do plan on finishing The Lovecraft Compendium before this one, I also don’t think this one will stay on my Currently Reading shelf for very long.. 😉

And there you have it, my Currently Reading update. There are more books on that shelf now than when I did my initial post 5 months ago, but I know a bunch of them will leave this shelf very soon as I plan on finishing them very soon. The goal is to also finish at least one of the 2016 books before the next update as well, which I am planning to do in winter. We shall see though..

Thanks for stopping by ❤