Canada Haul 2019

I couldn’t go to Canada, and not do some shopping over there. I mean, I even saved space for new things in my suitcase!

And since it has been a few weeks since I’ve come back home, I can also tell you what I have actually used in “normal” life already, and what I maybe haven’t reached for as much.

Although, normal life? The weather has been so crazy here that I don’t know if you can actually call it that…

First, the books. I already shared a bit more about them in this book haul, but I thought I’d give you a little update. I am very much still enjoying The Lovecraft Compendium, it is my current read (although I have put it down a few times to read different books). I have also read a few chapters of Bitten, and I can already tell I will love it and that I will also have to buy all the other books in the series. The Big Four I haven’t started yet, but you can’t really go wrong with Agatha Christie.
I also got a nude bra at Calvin Klein, and absolutely love it. It is comfortable and you just can’t see it underneath sheer tops, which was the goal. Also, I got it at the outlet mall, so for a nice cheap price 🙂
I picked up this brown leather belt at Goodwill (love me some secondhand shopping) and again, have worn it a few times. It works with both jeans and dresses, so it’s a great versatile piece.
For beauty, I got a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (I think it’s that one) and I have been using it for my concealer ever since. This thing is so good, and now I am definitely determent to buy more of the brand. Luckily we can get it in Holland as well. The other thing I got is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the colour Cannes and, well, it has been my go to nude lip ever since.
And lastly for small things, I got a Diva Cup. I have been wanting to try this out for a while now, but we can’t easily get it in The Netherlands, so in Canada I knew I needed to buy it. I haven’t used it yet, as it does kind of freak me out and I want my first time using it to be an easy day at home. I am also excited though to see if I like it, because it is so much less wasteful than tampons and pads.

As for clothes that people are actually going to see, I finally got a nice white blouse. This one is from Banana Republic and I got it at the South Edmonton Common outlet mall. I love this thing (especially in combination with the nude bra), it is comfortable and soft and fancy but casual. Definitely a good buy that I’ve already worn a few times.

In my last post I did a little review of all the things I brought with me to Canada, and I mentioned there that I bought another sports legging, as I noticed that I needed more than one. And this black pair from Nike is the one I ended up getting. I absolutely love it, from the simplicity to the fabric to the little pocket on the side there. It is a great lounging and hiking piece, and I am sure it will be great for working out as well (but I never work out anymore soooo…) Also, I got these in the outlet at South Edmonton Common for a little cheaper, so that makes me love them even more.

And last but definitely not least, I got myself another pair of Levis jeans. Because I have found that I just love them a lot, and they are a bit cheaper in Canada than in the Netherlands, with the current exchange rate. These are the 721 style, high-waisted in a kind of faded medium blue wash, and I have worn them a ridiculously amount already, both in Canada and at home. They are comfortable, cute, super stretchy and they go with pretty much everything I own. I now want them in every single colour.

And that is everything I bought whilst I was in Canada, aside from a fridge magnet and some postcards. I feel like there is nothing I got that ended up being a massive fail, and in fact most things I have used a lot already, so yay for that!

Thanks for stopping by ❤