What I Packed For Canada – And What I Actually Used

It has been a while since I posted on here. I needed some time to settle into normal life, unpack, get back into work and survive that crazy heatwave we had last week.

But now that I have done all those things, I thought it was time to review all that I brought with me to Canada. What did I use, what did I wear, and what was a total waste of space?

Starting with tops, I brought 8 with me, and only about half of them I wore a lot. The sweater I threw on every single morning after getting out of bed. I also wore it out on chillier days. I could have definitely brought another one with me and it wouldn’t have been a waste of space. My chambray shirt I also wore a ton, mostly on hikes but also just on days where I needed that extra layer, but not a full on sweater. Other things I wore a good amount were the white t-shirt and the floral blouse. I didn’t wear the long sleeved striped t-shirt or the wine coloured one a whole lot, but I feel like I still wore them enough to not regret bringing them. Two this that I did not wear at all were the silky cami and the black turtleneck top, I really could’ve left those at home. I also, surprisingly, didn’t wear the black cami a whole lot, even though I thought I would throw that on underneath everything.

Now on to bottoms and dresses. I brought 3 long bottoms, one pair of shorts and one dress. The leggings I wore a lot, like A LOT, so I definitely could’ve done with bringing another pair. I ended up buying a pair in Canada, which I do love, but it’s good to know for next time.
For jeans, I bought 2 pairs: black skinny jeans and blue mom jeans. I think I should’ve left the mom jeans at home and brought another pair of skinny jeans instead, but I knew I wanted to buy a pair in Canada. The mom jeans I didn’t wear a whole lot, the black skinny jeans I basically lived in until I picked up more jeans.
The shorts, mainly because of the colder weather, I didn’t wear once. I don’t feel like it was a bad idea packing them though, it was just because of the weather. The dress I wore once, again because the weather (and mosquitoes) didn’t allow me to wear it more often.

As for socks and underwear, I could have done with way less. My sister-in-law did laundry every few days so I was never running low on all that stuff. Same goes for bra’s, I would’ve been totally fine with one less.
The pajama shorts I wore one night, maybe, as I preferred to wear leggings in the morning and I didn’t actually love them to sleep in. The t-shirt was a good choice though, as I could wear it both to bed and out during the day. I also ended up packing another pajama shirt, and I am glad I did.
The workout top was a good choice to bring, as it was wonderful for hikes. The bikini, however, I could’ve done without. We did talk about going swimming a few times, but never ended up going.

Now for shoes (and those few socks stuffed in there). Both the pairs of sneakers I wore quite a bit, especially the Adidas ones. The Nikes were great for hikes though, and also lovely to wear on the plane. The sandals I wore once with my dress, but I always gravitated towards the light pink sneakers.

So. I could’ve left most of my makeup at home. I really only wore my brow pencil, a bit of the Rimmel liner, mascara and every once in a while some concealer. If I wore any makeup at all. Good to know for next time.

The only beauty bits I didn’t really need though, was the perfume. All the other stuff has been used quite well, and I’ve also learned to just bring makeup remover, shower gel and sunscreen maybe as well. Although it was also totally fine to buy it over there.

In all, what I’ve learned from packing for this trip, is the following:

  • I really don’t need to bring that much makeup, as I won’t wear most of it anyways.
  • I need even less clothing than I think, especially if I plan on buying some bits as well, and/or have easy access to a washing machine.
  • Comfy, easy clothes are important. I wear it a lot, so I should pack accordingly.
  • You don’t know what the weather will do, so sometimes you just end up not wearing things you thought you needed. And sometimes you end up needing things you didn’t bring.
  • In the end, it’s all about having fun and really not about what you’re wearing (although I did get a few really great outfit pictures 😉 )

Next up I will be sharing the things I shopped in Canada. I am actually really excited to also analyze if the things were worth it or not, if I ended up wearing them or not.

Stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by ❤