Canada 2019 Travel Diary

Today, as this post goes up, is the day that I am leaving Canada. And you guys, I am so sad about it!

I mean, I am also happy to go home again, have all my stuff again and catch up with family and friends. But I’ve had such a good time here in this beautiful country, and I just want to see more and explore more. I will definitely try to come back one day. For now, though, I am sharing a little bit of what I did during my three weeks in Canada.

Week 1

Birthday photo at South Cooking Lake

The first week we had to get a little bit settled into my sister-in-law’s house first. We arrived on a Friday, and the weekend was spent lazily, mostly. We went to a cute cafe on Saturday, and to a lake nearby on Sunday, where we walked around a bit and got eaten up by mosquitoes. Sunday was also G’s birthday, so we ate pie and celebrated him.

Near our little neighbourhood
Inside one of the pyramids at the Muttart Conservatory
A bridge thingy in Whitemud Creek Ravine

During the week we explored the neighbourhood a bit more, I just love all the houses and parks here, they’re just like what you see in the movies and I’m living for it! We also visited the Muttart Conservatory, such beautiful indoor botanical gardens, with great photo spots and interesting plants as well😅 G and I also went on a hike around Whitemud Creek Ravine, which is a beautiful park along a creek. Our goal was to find this bridge thingy and photograph it, which we did. Yay! We also went on a little shopping spree in South Edmonton Common, a great outlet mall here.

Week 2

The beauty that is Lake Louise

Oh, week 2 started out great with our trip to Calgary and Banff National Park (check my outfit diaries for mote about that one). It was an amazing place that I definitely want to come back to, one day is not enough!

The Alberta Legislature Building
And the view from the Mechanised River Valley Access

We also finally headed into the city centre of Edmonton to do some exploring. I absolutely loved it, everything seemed so walkable there. We started at Whyte Avenue, took the High Line Bridge to downtown where we had a lot of fun walking around the grounds of the Alberta Legislature Building, the different parks and streets and up the Mechanized River Valley Access. We also did a little more outlet shopping at South Edmonton Common. We went by bus and it was surprisingly easy! Lastly we had a wander around Mill Creek Ravine, yet another beautiful park in Edmonton that I want to go back to.

One of many pretty spots at Mill Creek Ravine

Week 3

Cutest little spot in front of the Old Strathcona Farmers Market

And then, sadly, we headed into my last week in Canada. The weekend started off with the Old Strathcona Farmers Market, and the most amazing Italian pizza at the Italian Store. We also went to the West Edmonton Mall, but only spent an hour inside as we really didn’t need anything other than postcards, a fridge magnet and frozen yoghurt (yes we needed that). It was cool to see how big it was and how much was there, but it also was pretty overwhelming, and knowing that South Edmonton Common is such a great outlet mall, I am glad we didn’t spent any more time there.

At the Bison Loop at Elk Island
Somewhere at Astotin Lake
The bison that nearly gave us a heart attack

On my second to last day, Wednesday, we finally made our way to Elk Island National Park, which was so fun. We went on a short hike and almost got trampled by a bison when we turned a corner and suddenly he was there. Scared me and G’s sister half to death, but G the Cow Whisperer (or just trained dairy farmer) got us safely away from him. Poor animal was probably just as startled as we were. And on my very last day, yesterday, we spent the morning in Edmonton again, having breakfast at The Art Of Cake Cafe and just walking around, saying goodbye to the city.

Muffins at the cutest place

And now I’m at the airport, both ready and so not ready to go home. I’ve had such a good, relaxing time here, spending it with family exploring a bit of this beautiful country. I haven’t seen nearly enough of it though, and I am already desperate to come back one day.

Thanks for stopping by ❤