5 Favourite Secondhand Clothing Items

By now I’m sure we all know that buying secondhand clothes is a great way to care for our planet, so it’s a good thing it’s fun as well.

You have a chance to find unique pieces that not everybody is wearing, it is sustainable, ethical, and also usually cheaper than buying new items. Sometimes it’s even free, when – like me – you have sisters or other people around you that do frequent closer clear outs.

I recently got a bunch of new stuff from my sister and grandma (yes grandma, she has great stuff) that inspired me to do a little post about secondhand clothing. And since I recently did a post about 5 of my favourite fashion items at the moment, I thought I’d do one for secondhand items as well. Some of these I’ve had for a while and some are from the new load of stuff I got from my family, but all of these items I absolutely love.

These blue mom jeans are the oldest secondhand item featured in this post, and an item that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE. I got them about 2 years ago now and have loved wearing them. They are super high waisted and nice and sturdy, they also pair great with so much! I find myself gravitating more to these in the spring/summertime, not as much in the winter just because they look so good with summer tops. Expect to see these a lot on my Instagram!

I showed these vintage white Levis in my Delft Outfit Diaries a while back, and absolutely loved wearing them in the outfits. This is definitely another pair of jeans I see myself wear more in the summer and less in the winter, although I think they would look really nice with a big cozy sweater. I did cut off the bottem of these jeans as I prefer the look of them that way, as they are a baggier fit so I like the look of a bit of ankle. I cannot wait to wear these a ton in the next few months!

Now I have yet to wear this vintage denim dress this year, however I am so excited to do just that when the weather starts to really warm up. After I picked it up at Episode last year I wore it so much throughout summer that it quickly because my favourite summer item. I just love the effortless easy look if this item, and it pairs really well with a cute tee underneath, and my Sacha heeled ankle boots. But also with sneakers. And sandals. And loafers. What can I say, I love this dress.

This flowy top is an item that I did not actually buy, and it is also definitely not vintage like the previous 3 items. I got this from my middle sister because she didn’t wear it anymore, and I have been loving it! It is a great early summer outfit. So far I have been wearing it with jeans, but can you imagine this with (cut off) shorts or a cute lil’ skirt? I am literally so excited to wear this more!!

And lastly, this Marks & Spencer midi skirt that I got in one of my grandma’s closerlt clear outs. She has a bunch of midi skirts that she doesn’t wear anymore, and I am more than happy to take them off her hands. This is a particularly great hand me down I got a few weeks ago, so flowy and elegant, and so easy to style. I have worn it a few times now, and have felt great in this each time!

Don’t you just love secondhand clothing? I definitely do, especially when I get it for free😉

What’s the best vintage/secondhand item you’ve ever found?

Thanks for stopping by❤