Beautiful Books

Books are beautiful things.

You can lose yourself in the story, get transported to faraway lands or completely different worlds. They are like watching a movie in your head. With a few guidelines given by the writer you can create places, people and objects in your own mind.

And some books aren’t just amazing to read, but also very pleasing to look at. Some books you just want to put on display because they are so stunning. They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but let’s be real, sometimes a book looks to beautiful not to buy. And today I am sharing some of my favourite covers with you.

Doing these one book at the time because I feel like these books deserve that, and I am starting with Tomorrow by Damian Dibben. As soon as I saw this in the bookstore, I knew I had to have this. I love the look of this, the dark shades and the blue, the illustrations, the dog.. And also the fact that it is about a dog, written from the point of view from a dog. This book not only has a beautiful cover, the end papers are also amazing. One has an illustrated map of Europe, the other a painting of Venice. When I get another book case (currently trying to convince my boyfriend that we need another one) this will get a nice little spot.

This one actually reminds me a lot of Tomorrow, despite it not being from the same writer of publisher. I got The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry for my birthday from my dad a few years ago, and fell in love with the cover. It is such a visually beautiful book to get as a present, and the story – despite being different from what I usually read – is great as well. This already has a forward facing spot on my shelves, because I just couldn’t help myself.

I could not make a post about my favourite book covers, and not feature some of my Penguin English Library books. I love this whole range and want every single one (although I am trying to stick to the ones I think I will actually read. For now..) but for this post I decided to just add my three favourites of the ones I own. All three are ones I haven’t read yet, but definitely plan on reading them soon. I love the colours of both Melmoth The Wanderer and Wuthering Heights, the turquoise and pink, how vibrant these colours are. I feel like they really pop on my shelves, they look fun and I am excited to see (read) how the illustrations fit with the stories. The same goes for Heart Of Darkness, I love the deep and dark with that pop of red. I kind of know the story of that one, as the film Apocalypse Now is based on this book, so I can understand the skulls. That’s the thing I like about the PEL books in general, how each illustration on the front goes so well with the stories inside.

Here we have yet another book I mostly wanted because of the cover, but the story inside also sounds like something I could love. I like the shells on the cover of The Mermaid & Mrs. Hancock, and the fact that it has tiny gold speckles all over the cover. This, again, is a book that just jumps out at me when I look at my bookshelves, and a book definitely want to put on display.

Now this is a cover that is very different from all the others shared in this post, but I just really, really, really enjoy the covers of all the books in the Rivers Of London series. The map of London, or the other places that the books are set (I believe one of them was set outside of London), with the little illustrations and here and there a mention of what building or place is located where. I feel like the cover of the books really fit well with the story and the writing style.

Don’t you just love looking at books? I do, and so I loved doing this post. There are so many more beautiful books out there in the world, and I wish I could buy them all.

What is the most beautiful book you own?

Thanks for stopping by ❤