What I Pack For Canada – Random Stuff Edition

I wasn’t going to do this post, but then I decided I couldn’t not share the books I am bringing with me on this trip so here we are, the What I Pack – Random Shit edition.

It’s not a lot of “other” stuff that I’m bringing, so this will be a short and sweet post, but I just wanted to share these things because… well.. why not?

Fiiiiirst things first, books. I am bringing three, two of which are nice and small and take up no room whatsoever, the exact reason that I chose to bring them. They are the two Penguin Little Black Classics in my collection that I haven’t read yet, Dickens’s The Great Winglebury Duel and James’s The Figure In The Carpet. Like I said, these are very small – both around 50 pages – so absolutely perfect to bring on the plane with me. The third book I am bringing is Call Me By Your Name, which I am about a quarter of the way into at the moment, and am hoping to finish this trip.

I am also bringing a game, Qwixx to be exact. This is such a fun and easy to play game, and I thought it would be fun to bring so we can play it with G’s sister and her husband. I am contemplating bringing another game as well, we shall see.

Canvas bags are something I feel you just can’t forget. I am bringing two bookish ones, both from Spread The Book Love. I will be carrying these around with me, so that when I buy something I don’t have to take a bag from the store. These are also great for dirty laundry at the end of the trip!

As for tech, I am bringing my camera + charger and phone + charger. I thinkboth are pretty obvious. I have been contemplating bringing my laptop as well so I can write blog posts but I figured I can do that on my phone as well, and if I do end up needing a laptop I can borrow one from G’s sister I am sure.

And lastly, I am bringing my bullet journal and a pen. If I need to write something down, plan blog posts, keep cards safe, keep a diary.. I want to be able to do all that, if I feel like I need to. So I am bringing this.

And that is all the random shit I am bringing to Canada with me. I feel like I’ve been really good and minimal with it, although by the time this post goes up I might have added and removed things, knowing me. Also, by the time this post goes online, I will be in freaking Canada!! I am so excited for the posts I’ll be doing over the next few weeks, but I also think I won’t put too much pressure on myself to get those 2 posts a week out on the internet. Mostly I just want to enjoy myself whilst we’re there, and have a nice holiday.

I will definitely be updating my Instagram/stories regularly though, so check those out if you want to see what I’m up to 😉 (username is @taramonfils)

Thanks for stopping by ❤