What I Pack For Canada – Fashion Edition

When you read this I will be off to the airport, READY FOR CANADA.

And let me just tell you, I am so proud of myself, I actually managed to fit all of my junk in one little carry on, with room to spare!!

I am lucky that we’re staying at G’s sister’s house, so we can do laundry whenever we need to. It means I didn’t have to bring as much stuff (clothes) as I would normally need for 3 weeks.

Anyways, let’s see what I’m bringing.

Let’s start with shoes, shall we? I’m bringing 3 pairs, and plan on buying flip flops whilst over there, so I will probably go home with 4 pairs. The first pair, my Nike Pegasus trainers, I am bringing for hiking, possible working out, and they will also be the shoes I’ll be wearing on the plane, as they are the biggest and thus don’t fit comfortably in my suitcase. These are so comfortable, and not too ugly either.
The “cute everyday” sneakers I’m bringing, are my Adidas Campus sneakers, which are currently stuffed with socks to save some space. I will wear these most days to walk around the city, go shopping, grocery shopping, whatever we’re doing that won’t require me to wear the more sporty shoe.
And lastly I am bringing my Manfield sandals, in case the weather is really really good. These are perfect for walking around the city on hot days, as they are so very comfortable and also very cute.

Next up, the necessities. I am bringing enough underwear to last me about 2 weeks, keeping in mind that we can do laundry. I am also bringing some longer socks, some shorter socks for in my Nikes and some sneakers socks for in my Adidas shoes. probably around 15 pairs in total. I am also bringing one pair of cozy socks, but I forgot to add them to the photo.
I am bringing 3 bralettes: my Björn Borg sports bra for working out and hikes and stuff like that. My Hunkemöller black lace bra and my Björn Borg bralette are the everyday bras I’m bringing, the latter will probably be the one I’ll wear on the plane as that is the most comfortable one.
I am bringing one pair of pajamas, which I’m thinking now might not be enough. But we’ll see. As a sleep shirt I am bringing my very oversized Stitch, Please Cactus patch tee, this can double as a bikini cover-up. I am bringing these cute Hunkemöller shorts for bottoms.
I am bringing one H&M flowy sports tank top, for hiking, working out, throwing on as an easy top, things like that. And lastly in this category, I am bringing my blue Hunkemöller bikini. I might bring a bathing suit as well, just as I might add another sleep shirt to my suitcase, but I’m not sure yet.

As for bottoms, I am bringing four in total. My Hunkemöller leggings I’ll be wearing on the plane. Comfy, easy and cute. I am bringing my Zara mom jeans as I felt like going for a bit of a different look that what I normally wear, and these I know I will love to wear during summer. My second pair of jeans are the Levis Mile High skinnies, I couldn’t not bring these. A black pair of jeans goes with everything, and they are just so comfy.
My white shorts are the only summer bottoms I am bringing, and I am so excited to wear these! And I am only bringing one dress, this stunning linen Mango one that is a midi length and just everything I was looking for. I cannot wait to wear this one either.

Tops is where I usually go overboard, but I feel like I did pretty good this time. The top row is all long sleeves; my Zeeman striped top, my Mango black turtleneck (this look so good underneath that Mango dress), my Pull & Bear chambray shirt that I can throw over pretty much every item as and extra layer, and wear it on it’s own as well. The warm sweater layer that I’m bringing is my grey Stitch, Please To The Moon sweater, which I’ll also be wearing on the plane. I mean, how could I not bring a Stitch, Please sweater??
As for short sleeves and tank tops, I am bringing my Hunkemöller camisole as a pretty and breezy top, a Zeeman white t-shirt which I’ll be wearin underneath my sweater on the plane, a flowy wine coloured t-shirt that is secondhand, so soft and very easy to wear, and this flowy blouse that I got in my sister’s closer purge the other week. For underneath that flowy top I am bringing a black cami that I am also wear on it’s own.
I will also bring a jacket, but I just realized that I forgot to add it to the photos. The one I am bringing is just a simple black one, warm but not too hot (it is filled with down), wind and waterproof and it can be folded up into the smallest package. Click here if you want to see a photo. As for my handbag (also not added here, stupid me), I will bring my Longchamp Le Pliage large shopper as a personal item on the plane, and my Longchamp Le Pliage backpack will be folder up inside.

And that are all the clothing bits I am bringing! There is so much that I would like to bring, but I know I don’t have the room. Like my blazer… and a cardigan.. and more jeans.. and tops.. and things. But I feel like everything that I am bringing goes nicely together, is warm enough and cold enough and will keep me pretty happy.

Aaah and now I am going to fly all the way to Canada and have a lovely holiday. Yay!

What are you doing this summer?

Thanks for stopping by❤