What I Pack For Canada – Beauty Edition

You guys, I am so excited! It is officially time to start packing for Canada!!

We are leaving, when this post goes up, at the end of the week, meaning I have to really start gathering my things now. Of course I have prepared, I wrote my lists and narrowed things down to what I really, truly need and want to bring. Because I decided to only bring a carry on bag (and a personal item) I had to pack super minimal, especially on the beauty front, as I can only bring so many liquid products. I also set a goal for myself to have it all fit in one little bag, as that would mean I just have everything in one place, and also it means that I can save some space for new things I might buy during my time there.

Only packing carry on did mean I had to leave some of my favourite products at home, but oh well. I’ll survive. I hope…

Starting with skincare, bodycare and haircare. There are a bunch of things that I plan on getting in Canada or just borrowing from G’ sister, but I also have to bring some of my own bits.

  • Tangle Teazer wet brush. I’m just bringing my big one, as I need to use it for 3 weeks.
  • Lots of hair ties, and one hair clip. I’m bringing one Invisaboble for easy buns and ponytails, 2 thinner hair ties for braids and small buns and ponytails, a bigger hair tie just because, and the hair clip is also just to have another option.
  • The Body Shop SPF 50 Skin Defense moisturizer. Lightweight, sinks in fast, moisturizes really well, and, I mean, SPF 50. All I need.
  • Weleda Iris hydrating night cream. This is just the night cream I am using at the moment, I like it and it is small enough to easily bring with me on the plane.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream. The eye cream I’ve been using lately, bought specifically with the trip to Canada in mind.
  • Rituals SPF 50 sun protecting face cream. I talked about this a lot last summer, I just can’t go on holiday without it. I don’t know how sunny it will be in Canada when we are there, but it is nice to have a facial SPF to apply throughout the day.
  • Bamboo toothbrush. Uhm, duh.
  • Lekker In Een Potje natural deodorant. Again, small and easy to bring with me in a carry on bag, and I really just wanted to try it.
  • Hunkemöller Forever Pretty perfume. I am kind of still considering bringing a different perfume, but I got this one for free at Hunkemöller a while back. It is the prefect size (only 10 ml) and it smells pretty nice. Just as good as my other more expensive perfumes? No, but pretty good.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E lip balm. Cannot travel without lip balm.
  • Rituals Velvet Smooth cleansing foam. This is just the face wash that I always use when I travel, so I am bringing it with me on this trip as well.
  • Lush Toothy Tabs. I talked about these in my haul, I am so excited to use these, and it’s nice that I don’t have to bring a liquid toothpaste with me.
  • And lastly, The Body Shop Banana shampoo & conditioner. Because I need to wash my hair & all.

As for makeup, I have really tried to pack minimal. I don’t expect to wear a whole lot of makeup on the trip, but I at least want the option. Also, I am not ruling out buying a little more 😉

  • Makeup brushes. To be more exact, a powder brush (Etos); concealer brush (highlighter brush from Etos as well); blending brush (The Body Shop); eye shadow brush (Hema); and a small smudger/eye shadow brush (also Hema). I plan on definitely getting a new concealer/foundation brush at Sephora or some place like it, as this one is shedding like hell, and I might pick up some other brushes as well.
  • Clinique pressed powder. I like this one a lot, and a solid powder is just necessary to travel with. Can’t deal with loose powder spreading in my bag.
  • Mac Red Brick eyeshadow. For when I want to wear a bit of a pop of colour on my eyes. I really really like this one, it’s a cool colour and you don’t have to think about doing something interesting with the rest of your makeup.
  • Essence The False Lashes mascara. Can’t do without mascara. This one especially is great, although I did get my absolute favourite Diorshow Blackout one the other day, that I am considering bringing instead of this one..
  • Hema B.A.E. No More Spots concealer. I thought I didn’t like this one, but actually it is my perfect summer shade, especially if I want to kind of use it all over my face as a foundation. So 2 in 1 product, really.
  • Essence I ❤ Colour intensifying eyeshadow primer. But now I’m considering leaving that one at home, and using that concealer instead, making it a 3 in 1 product. Hmmm..
  • Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster lipgloss in 040 Nuts About Mary. Am I really only bringing one lip product? Yes, I am. Shocker, right? It just work really well with both the Mac shadow and if I want to do a simpler look. Also, I see myself buying another lip product in Canada sooo..
  • H&M Superfine brow liner. This might be a super cheap dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills one, so I am really excited about it. I thought bringing a pencil would be more practical than a pomade + brush + other brush, so here we are.
  • Rimmel Exaggerate eye pencil. Another product I just can’t live without. I put this one in my waterline for a bit of an intenser look,
  • Mac Teddy eye pencil. For whenever I just want a simple neutral eye look. This also looks great underneath Red Brick for a more dramatic look, so again a very versatile product.

Now for the things I will be buying over there, or borrowing from my sister-in-law.
I thought I would pick up a small makeup remover on the go somewhere in Canada, mostly because I can’t be bothered hunting for one I like here or fill a travel bottle with my Philosophy oil.
Body wash is something I am sure I can borrow from G’s sister, or – seeing as G is planning on just getting a shower gel in Canada, I might convince him to get a very neutral scent so I can use it too.
Sunscreen for the body is another thing I will either just buy, or borrow from G’s sister. Bringing a travel sized one just wouldn’t work, as it would be gone in no-time.
Any “extra” beauty products like face masks, scrubs and razors I will also get over there/borrow from G’s sister. We might do a whole beauty night with face masks and stuff, how fun would that be?!
Last thing I am bringing, but only thought of after taking these photos, is tampons and pads, so if I happen to get my period on this trip, I will have a few products on hand. I can just get any more stuff I need somewhere in a drugstore.

And that is all the beauty stuff I am bringing. I feel like I did pretty well, although I am sure there are many people that could even do with a lot less. I am just not one of those people.

Thanks for stopping by ❤