Not So Weekly Highlight #24

Oh look, another bonus post on Sunday, I am on a roll! It’s because I just wanted to give this item some love 🙂

It’s not actually an item that I have been using loads over the past week or few weeks, but I wore it the other day and loved it, and wondered why I don’t wear it more often. So I thought, like I said, that I would give it some love here on the blog. Maybe this inspires me to reach for it more when I see it hanging in my closet. I might even do a little styling post with it when I get back from Canada to motivate myself even more to wear it. We’ll see, first let’s have a look at what I’m talking about.

The item in question is this little wrap top that I got from Mango a while ago. I bought it because I realised I didn’t have any thinner long sleeved tops that are more interesting than just a simple t-shirt. When I saw this on the website I loved it already, and then when I tried it on I just knew I wanted it. But like I said, I didn’t wear it a whole lot since getting it. I don’t know why, as I love the style of it. Maybe I’m a little afraid that it will slide open and I will accidentally flash people, but that was not the case at all when I wore it the other day. I actually felt comfortable, pretty and still casual. It kept me a bit warm (because despite it being June, it’s still pretty cold a lot of days) but not too hot. The only downsides that I’ve noticed is that it smelled a bit sweaty at the end of the day, which probably has something to do with the fabric, as a lot of other shirts I wear don’t have that as quickly. It also bunches up a bit at the side where the strings are wrapped around my waist, but nothing so terrible that you can’t fix it in one second by pulling it straight. But I just love the look this top gives me, a little fancy but casual as well.

I am going to so more of this type of not so weekly highlights, I think. Things I am loving right at this moment, instead of only sharing things I’ve been loving a longer amount of time. Just because it’s fun, and I like it :).

Thanks for stopping by❤