Wardrobe Wanders – Shopping My Own Closet

I am diving deep into my wardrobe today, and I will come back up with a lot of new outfit ideas!

At least, that’s the plan. Because a few weeks ago I told you I wanted to try and fall more in love with what I own in order to try and shop less, and also just figure out what exactly is and isn’t my style. Today we are doing that by styling some items I haven’t worn in a long time, if ever. Like I said, I am hoping that this way I will get a bit more fashion inspiration, and a new appreciation for all the items in my closet.

Blazer: Mango, Top: Bershka, Trousers: , Sneakers: Adidas

The first outfit features these wide leg side button trousers, or whatever the right name for these is. This style was everywhere last year, which is when I got them. I have worn these a few times since then, but not nearly as much as I was hoping I would. I just find them kind of hard to style, as they are a bit out of my comfort zone. This, however, makes them the perfect item for this post. I decided to actually pair this with the exact same top situation as I was wearing the day I got them. I remember loving the combination, so I don’t know why I’ve never worn it out. For shoes, I decided to keep things casual with my white Adidas sneakers, but I think this would also look so good with my Dune London heels.

Blazer: Mango, Dress: Secondhand, Boots: Sacha

For outfit number two I decided to go with a dress that I got during one of my sister’s closet clear outs. I love the look, it’s so casual and easy, but because of the weather I haven’t been able to wear it yet. I thought I’d just try out some things, see what I like with this dress, and I ended up with this cute little combo. This blazer is just one of my favourite items right now, so I am wearing it again with this outfit. I love the casual but kind of dressed up with the blazer look. For the shoes I decided to step out of my comfort zone a bit and wear my new cowboy boots instead of sneakers. I love this look, and can definitely see myself wearing this combo out.

T-Shirt: Zeeman, Skirt: Secondhand, Boots: Sacha

Outfit number three features a little skirt. I got this one from my grandma and had my mom shorten it a bit to fit my style a little more. But I still find myself not reaching for it, usually choosing jeans over skirts for the most time. However I honestly love this outfit. It is a bit fancy, but still very much my style, and I feel like I could wear it to work or date night or something like that. I paired the skirt with a striped t-shirt, tights to cover up a little bit more – but I think it would also look very nice without them – and my beloved heeled booties that I wear all the freaking time. Yes, I can totally see myself wearing this.

Cardigan: Zeeman, Top: H&M, Jeans: Zara, Sneakers: Adidas

From fancy to casual with outfit number four. I chose this little red cardigan as my next item to style. I have this in black and wear it all the time, but I don’t reach for the red one as much so I thought I’d try to style it. I paired it with a cropped top and my Zara mom jeans that I love, the cardigan is a bit of an extra layer that I could take off in case it gets warmer if I were to wear this out. And I think I will wear this out, as I love the super simple, casual look. My favourite way to wear these jeans is with Adidas Superstars, so I couldn’t not do that with this outfit.

Top: Secondhand, Trousers: Secondhand, Heels: Dune London

And lastly, an outfit that I did not think I would love, but actually really do. The item that I find hard to style in this look are the trousers, mostly because they don’t fit me perfectly, but also because.. I don’t really know actually. But I decided to give them a shot, and ended up loving it! The trousers are a very pale pink and kind of in between casual and preppy. I wanted to keep the outfit nice and breezy with this cute flowy top that I got from my sister in another closet clear out she did recently, and I absolutely love it. For the shoes I was going back and forth between my loafers and my heels, but decided to go for the heels for a more fancy look.

Well, I feel like I did pretty good. I ended up with 5 new outfit ideas that I can see myself wearing out of the house, and I will honestly do my best to do just that in the upcoming months, although maybe with a few little tweaks depending on the weather/occasion.

I hope you got some new outfit inspiration as well, or maybe just feel inspired to dive deep into your own wardrobe and try something new.

Thanks for stopping by ❤