Outfit Recap June 3-9 2019

I’ve been sharing my outfits on Instastories almost daily for the past few weeks, so I thought I’d do a little recap here on the blog.

I thought it would be a fun, quick, casual post to do. Just mirror pictures and reflecting on this past week and the outfits I wore. I might do this every week, I might do this once in a while, I will probably do it whenever I remember😅

Let’s see what I wore this week!

Cardigan: Zeeman, Cami: Zeeman, Jeans: Only, Loafers: Dune London

I had not the energy to think of a good outfit on Monday morning. It was fine, okay, comfortable. But definitely not my favourite of the week. I do love this bamboo cami from Zeeman though, it’s so soft and comfortable and easy to wear. I also love the lace details.

Dress: Jacqueline de Young, Boots: Sacha

Tuesday was one of my more favourite outfits this week. I LOVE this dress whenever I wear it, but for some reason I always forget about it. I really enjoyed wearing this with my new Sacha boots to give it a bit of an edge, and I even got a compliment on the look!

Top: Secondhand, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Sacha

First of all, I should have worn a different bra. But other than that, I quite liked the outfit. I got a compliment on the skirt which is always good, and wearing tights meant I did not have to deal with rain soaked jeans as I arrived at work on Wednesday morning. Winning!!

Top: Zeeman, Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Dune London

First time wearing my new loafers that I got on Tuesday and I loved it! I did take the bus to work just to avoid any rain we might get (we didn’t) and I also wasn’t too sure about the rest of the outfit, but I’m definitely super happy with my shoes. Also, I desperately need to clean my mirror. This outfit did transfer nicely into date night though, with my favourite Mango blazer thrown on top.

T-Shirt: Zeeman, Jeans: Only, Shoes: Dune London

I wore this little look for a day of shopping, doing things around the house (like tidying and packing) and going to Ikea with G and his mom. Super easy, kinda lazy, but still very cute. Although, sad times, as we left Ikea it started raining so my shoes still got a bit wet. Thankfully they survived.

Top: Mango, Belt: Vintage, Jeans: Only, Shoes: Adidas

We spent the day with my mom at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday, and got totally soaked. It was worth it though, as it was still very beautiful and fun. I had anticipated on the rain with my sneakers and “old” jeans so everything was okay.


So….. I forgot to take a photo of today’s outfit. But I just spent it in leggings, yesterday’s top and yesterday’s sneakers, working in our gardenand cleaning the house, so it wasn’t really anything special or cute. Although today was very productive so yay!

And there you have it, all my outfits this week! Well, almost all of them😅 I really enjoyed doing this post as a little Sunday night bonus one, I hope you liked it too!

Thanks for stopping by❤