Empties #11

In my last Empties post I told you guys that it wouldn’t be too long before I would do another one, and lo and behold, here we are, one month later (to the date!) with more products I finished.

I managed to run out of some favourite products in the span of a few weeks. I knew it was coming of course, but it is still sad to finish all of these at the same time. Thankfully I also have some great new products to replace them, but that’s not what today is about. Today is about trash. Very well loved trash.

  • Cien classic sunscreen SPF 30. I used up another sunscreen, meaning there was barely one use left in this and I managed to squeeze it out. I really like this one, it sinks in well, isn’t overly sticky and is ridiculously cheap at Lidl. We currently have a bunch of other sunscreens in out cupboard, but I will definitely consider getting this again when we need it.
  • Head & Shoulders Apple Fresh shampoo. Apparently I used up all my regularly used hair products at the same time. I like using Head & Shoulders shampoos because I feel like they actually help a little bit with an itchy scalp, and they also clean my hair nicely. I don’t really notice a difference between the different lines that I’ve tried so far, so I usually just get what sounds fun at the time. I am thinking about trying a more natural shampoo though, so I don’t know if I will repurchase this again.
  • Garnier Loving Blends Honey Gold Repair hair mask. I used up a hair mask that I have repurchased multiple times already. This one is affordable but has a lovely effect on my hair. I am sure that there are better masks out there, but this one does the job just fine. I use it before I shampoo my hair and try to leave it in for an hour at least, preferably even longer, and it always leaves my hair soft and shiny and feeling great.
  • Weleda Lavender body oil. But in a bottle with a pump, because I like this bottle way more than what the Weleda oil comes in. The oil itself is absolutely great though. It smells good, moisturised my skin really well, sinks in nicely and the lavender scent has a nice and calming effect. Another product I would definitely consider buying again.
  • The Body Shop Moringa body butter. I used up a mini body butter. I loved this one. The scent is lovely, and I mean, The Body Shop body butters are just really great. I will probably buy this one again in the future. This, I think, is one of my favourite scents at The Body Shop at the moment.
  • Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar SPF 25. I am so sad to have finished this, because I absolutely loved it. It is so nice and rich, but sinks into my skin really well. It always felt great to put this on each morning. I love the fact that is has SPF 25, meaning in the winter months I did not have to bother with a separate sunscreen. Despite the high price tag (€50,00 which is just painful)I will definitely repurchase this in the autumn. For now I have a great replacement though.
  • Holland & Barrett Dead Sea day & night cream. I also used up my night cream. I wasn’t blown away by this one like I was with Renewed Hope In A Jar and I don’t think I will repurchase it any time soon. It definitely wasn’t bad, it did the job, but it wasn’t amazing or anything.
  • Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa. I am so very sad, guys. I finished another perfume. I really loved this one, it was my Not So Weekly Highlight a while back, and now it’s all goooone. I have some other perfumes on my wish list that I will replace this with, but I will definitely consider buying this again in the future, it is such a lovely spring/summer scent.
  • The Body Shop Frosted Plum shower gel. And lastly I used up a mini body wash. Another The Body Shop one, I believe this one was from a Christmas collection and I really liked this one as well. I hope that they bring this scent out again someday, I will most likely get it again if they do.

Uhm, yea, so that was a bit more than I expected. Apparently I used up a bunch of products again, although most things were almost empty by the time I did my last empties post. The majority of these products were really great, things I loved and would buy again.

Thanks for stopping by❤