Pre-Canada Haul & To Buy


In fact, we are going in this month. Like, very soon. WHAAT??

Can you tell I am stoked about this? Because I am. We’ll be visiting my boyfriend’s sister who lives there, and do lots of fun exciting stuff. I’ll be overseas for 3 weeks, he’ll stay two weeks longer for some extra quality time (and also I have to go back to work after those 3 weeks so..).

I am thinking about all the gorgeous places I want to visit whilst we’re over there, all the photos we’re going to take (both for Instagram and memories), all the shopping I want to do, the food I want to eat and also all the blog posts I can make for the trip. What I Pack, outfit diaries, hauls, wish lists, maybe a little travel diary as well.. So many options!

I thought I would start off this little series with a little pre-Canada haul and to buy list. For a trip like this we naturally have to get some essentials, so I thought today I’d show you what I have gotten already and, as a little reminder for myself, what we still need to get.

The first think I got were a suitcase . Because believe it or not, but I did not own a suitcase before I picked this one up a few weeks ago. I just didn’t have the need for one, but with this trip coming up I thought I would just get one. This is a carry on sized spinner (I believe that is the right name for it) from March. It was very well priced, around € 80,00 but I got it during a sale at Bijenkorf. It feels nice and sturdy, has a TSA-approved lock which is great, and it is the exact right measurements for carry on luggage. I am not sure if I am going to use this as carry on or as a checked bag, but I like to have the option of just having all my stuff close by.

Meaning I will have to pack minimal. 3 weeks in one carry on sounds kind of scary (thank god we’re staying at my SIL’s house so we can do laundry), but I think that with the help of my cute new packing cubes I can make it work. I picked these up for € 7,00 at Lidl and they honestly feel pretty good quality. I haven’t tried them out yet, so we shall see if they survive the trip.

Staying with the packing theme, I got a clear toiletry bag for my liquid products. I am going to try to pack as little of these as possible, but there are just some things that I can’t not bring on the trip, so I decided that this would come in really handy. This is just a cheap one from Hema, but it is a nice shape and will come in really handy. I’m hoping I can fit all my beauty products, not just liquids, into this one.

I bought one clothing item that I think will come in handy for this trip especially, but I know it will also be so good for future travels. It is a very lightweight down jacket from the brand Human Nature at ANWB. It is wind and waterproof, warm but also not too warm, and you can fold it up into a super small compact little package, meaning it is perfect for travel! It may not be the most fashionable item, but it is practical and that is really all I was looking for.

With travelling comes mini beauty products, which I am very excited about. I do have most things already for our little weekends away in Delft, but I ran out of my travel shampoo and conditioner a little while back, so with Canada in mind I decided to pick up this The Body Shop Banana shampoo & conditioner set. I love the hair mask from this range, but have never tried these, so I am excited to see if I like these just as much.

Another beauty product I picked up for the trip is a really random but also kind of fun one. To me at least.. I have been wanting to try the Lush Toothy Tabs toothpaste tablets for a while now, and I thought now was the perfect time to pick them up. They just seem so fun and interesting, and if it means I’ll have more room in my liquids bag for other things, I’m in!

And lastly I got another product I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and I thought this trip would be a good excuse to get it. It is a solid deodorant in a jar, locally made here in the Netherlands, from what I understand even here in Utrecht. I thought it sounded so fun and interesting, so I just had to try it. I haven’t used it yet, I’m saving it for the trip, but I am excited to try it out!

What to get

Then there are a few things that I want to buy before the trip but haven’t yet.

First of, I am thinking about getting a neck pillow for on the plane. It is not super high on my priority list, I first want to be sure that I have enough space, but I think it would be nice to have a comfortable neck pillow to sleep on. It would also be great for possible long car rides that we might take.

I also will probably pick up a cute luggage tag. It may not be necessary, as I plan on fitting everything in a carry on suitcase/bag, but just in case I need to check my bag or whatever else, I like the idea of having my contact information on my suitcase and personal item. I will of course go on the hunt for an actual cute one, because that’s just way more fun.

Something that is definitely not necessary but that I still think I want, is a passport cover. I just really like the idea of having one, if only so I know which passport’s mine and which one’s Gideon’s.

Last thing that I want to buy for the trip, is a sleeping mask. Again, not a necessity, but something that I think would be really nice to have for on the plane in case I want to sleep and G want’s to watch something or read (ha, who am I kidding, the boy don’t read).

That’s all the stuff I have gotten so far for the trip, and all the things I still want to pick up. When it comes down to clothing for our trip to Canada, I really own enough – more than enough – things that I can bring, from shoes to bags to jeans and dresses, I can find it all in my wardrobe already. Same goes for beauty products, most of the skincare I use on a daily basis is under 100 ml, so I can just bring what I already have. And then, or course, I plan on buying a few things whilst we’re there, so I need to save my money now.

Did I miss something on this list that I really HAVE to get? Let me know!
And also, are you excited for all the Canada posts? I know I am!

Thanks for stopping by ❤