New In Fashion – Little Black Boots

The search is over, my life is complete.

Okay, maybe that’s a little over-dramatic, but I have been wanting black low heeled ankle boots for a very long time, but I just couldn’t find the perfect ones. But then, a few weeks ago, I had a little nose around Sacha (a shoe store here in the Netherlands/Europe) and I found these. And I fell in love with these. They are nothing like what I thought I wanted, but they are still perfect.

But let’s rewind a little bit first.

About 2,5 years ago I picked up some cheap Van Haren chelsea boots to see if I liked the style, and I did. A lot. So after wearing them for a little while I decided I wanted to invest in a better quality pair. I mean, I didn’t want to spend hundreds of euros but I wanted to pay more than €30,00.
For the past year or so I have been looking online and in stores to see if I came across the image I had in my head, that perfect boot that I wanted. Needless to say, so far I didn’t.

And then earlier this year I kind of fell in love with the idea of combat boots underneath cute summer dresses and skirts. I know that style has been around for a while, but so far I didn’t feel the need to get a pair myself and wear that look, I was set on those fancy but also casual and most importantly comfortable ankle boot. But now suddenly I wanted a “cooler” boot for summer (and autumn and winter and spring) as well.

And then, the other week, I came across these. They are neither of the things I thought I wanted, but for me they combine the two. They are on trend but also classic and a staple. They are simple and go with so much.

They are these little Sacha cowboy boots. I am in love. They are so comfortable and cute, they are casual but I can also easily wear them to work or my grandma’s birthday. They go well underneath dresses, skirts, jeans, I am imagining them with denim shorts and an over-sized tee.. Yea, I am pretty stoked about them. I have worn them a few times now since I got them, and I did not have to break these in at all.

It took me a while to decided between this pair or another pair, that was super similar. The other pair had a slightly higher heel and was a bit tighter around the ankle. It also did not have the dip at the front (and back) that this pair has. The thing that ultimately put me off that pair however, was the shiny bit at the toe, which is just not my style. I am very happy I ended up picking this pair I have now.

Well. That was a long post about a pair of shoes. But I’m just really happy with them, I’ve been looking for the perfect flat black ankle(ish) boots for a good while now. And finally my search is over, I can now move on to looking for other shoes (or not shop for a while, probably a better idea hehe).

Thanks for stopping by ❤