Closet Clear Out – Spring 2019

After last week’s beauty declutter, I thought it was now time do a little closet clear out!

Also, apparently after last week’s “beauty week” this week is fashion week on the blog.. I need to learn to spread out the theme’s a bit more.

Anyways, back to today’s subject. Closet clear out. Clothes I’m getting rid of. Pretty much every season I go through my closet and get rid of items I don’t wear anymore. Sometimes that’s because they don’t fit me, sometimes things are just worn out, sometimes they aren’t my style anymore and sometimes they just were a really bad purchase.
I did my seasonal clear out at the beginning of spring, but haven’t yet gotten around to donating the items I’ve decluttered (or brought them to sisters/friends, whatever comes first). So I thought today I would share a few of the things I am getting rid of, and why I decided to part ways with them. Let’s hope I don’t fall (back) in love with them during this post..

First of, some lounge clothing. I love both of these items, but I just haven’t reached for them over the past year or so. The pink velvet hoodie is from Hunkemolller, and I love how soft it is. However, the big sleeves make this hard to wear underneath jackets or coats which makes it pretty annoying to wear. I also own too many cozy sweaters to justify keeping this, so I am not.
As for the sweatpants, they are an old pair from Primark. I have worn these so much in the past, but not so much anymore. I love the fit though, they are a little bit tighter which makes them quite flattering. But they’ve gotten a little too tight around my waist, so goodbye to these.

This Mango dress is an item I really wanted to love. However, I’ve worn it maybe twice since I’ve had this. I thought it was my style, but there’s just something about the fit mostly that doesn’t work for me. I figured the dress would be better of in someone else’s closet, not in mine.

Another little outfit combination, and another two clothing items I have really loved in the past. The off the shoulder top is from Urban Outfitters, and there was a time that I loved wearing this. The fit is really cute and the fabric is oh so soft. But I’ve realized that there is just something about this that I don’t absolutely love, maybe because it is all so flowy or maybe off the shoulder just isn’t my thing. Anyways, I am going to sell this, and I hope there is someone out there that will love this more than me.
Now for the jeans, I have worn these a fair amount as well. But this pair has a lower waist than I like in my jeans, and the zipper at the bottom make them a little uncomfortable for me. So, as I own a lot of jeans already, this one is going to a new home.

Lastly a dress I am seriously considering keeping after trying it on for the photo. This is a Zeeman dress that I got for very cheap, €10,00 maybe, in Zeeman (duh). I really like the idea of this one, and the look as well. The problem I think is that I bought it in a size 38 when I should’ve gotten a size smaller. This means that every time I wear it, it feels slightly off. But looking at it now, maybe with a belt or something, it could work and be so cute.. Ahhh. I want to keep it, but I won’t. Or will I…

Those are just a handful of clothes I am getting rid of this time around. I’ve got quite a bit more, but this post would be ridiculously long if I’d show them all.

I am also thinking about maybe selling my “unwanted” clothing on one United Wardrobe, which is probably the biggest secondhand clothing selling site/app here in the Netherlands. We’ll see if I actually do that though, as I’ve been saying this to my boyfriend for months already..

Thanks for stopping by ❤