5 Favourite Fashion Pieces – Spring 2019

You know I love shopping. But honestly, I do also love the things I own!

So, in an effort to stop myself from just mindlessly shopping this month, today’s post is a little appreciation post for the items I already own. I am going to try to dedicate some more posts to fashion things that are already in my closet, starting with 5 fashion items that I have absolutely been loving over the past few weeks (or months, or years).

(Although, I did get a few new pieces since I did my last New In Fashion, some of which are in this post)…

But aaanyways, there are also some things in this post that I’ve had for years now and have loved ever since I got them. I won’t keep you waiting, let’s just see what I got!

It’s kind of sad really, because we are well into May right now, but I am starting with a winter coat. I’ve had this Marks & Spencer’s one for 3,5 years now and I have worn it so much, it is actually ridiculous. But great as well, of course, as it means that I definitely got my money out of this one. It is not the warmest coat ever, but it keeps me nice and toasty in the winter if I wear this with a scarf on top and a sweater underneath. And it is clearly also still a staple well into spring. It has basically been the star of my Instagram account for the past 7 months at least! Although I am hoping to be able to put it in storage soon….

Moving on to blazers. I have been loving blazer lately. I own two, but this Mango one is a clear favourite of mine. First of, I love the light colour, it works year round and with pretty much every outfit. I also love the longer shape, it is a way more flattering silhouette one me than a shorter blazer, I think. This one fits me great, it’s comfortable and has become a staple in my closet. I definitely want to get more long lined blazers now, I just have to find the right one (and the space in my closet..).

For a more comfy, less fancy layer I have been wearing this H&M L.O.G.G. cardigan for the past.. I don’t even know how long I’ve had this. 3 years maybe? This winter though, and well into spring, I have been loving it a lot. This thing is so soft and comfortable, and very easy to throw over any outfit for some extra warmth. Is it the most stylish item in my closet? Nope. But it is a great piece for those chilly days. I am already looking forward to throwing this over a sweet lil’ sundress on a warm summer night.

We’ve arrived to the really comfy, lazy items now. I have been sleeping in this Stitch, Please shirt for the past few weeks, and have been loving it. This was the exact reason I bought this shirt, to lounge in, to sleep in, and (and hopefully I’ll be able to do that soon) to throw over a swimsuit. Although I also think this shirt would look so good with some cut off denims shorts just peeking out for underneath, or ties up above some skinny jeans to really show off that oversized effect. Clearly, I cannot wait to wear this out, and not just as a pajama shirt, although it is absolutely perfect for that as well.

This last item, or two items, really, is the newest in my wardrobe. I got this black Hunkemöller bra(lette?) maybe a little less than a month ago in sale they had, fell head over heals for the delicate lace and the sweet but sexy look and feel it gives, an bought the black version as well. I haven’t worn or bought regular underwired bras in so long, have really just preferred bralettes, but something about this one just drew me in. I love it. Like I said, it makes me feel sexy and pretty, even though I know nobody but me and my boyfriend (and everyone reading this blog 😉 ) will see them. They are also, surprisingly, very comfortable. Over the past few weeks, these have become a definite favourite.

That was all guys, the five fashion pieces I’ve been loving lately. I mean, there are so many more.. My black Sacha heeled booties, my light pink Adidas Campus sneakers, my Longchamp backpack, the leather jacket I got last year for when the weather is a bit better. I have this black Mango turtleneck tee I love, and my cashmere sweaters… yea, a lot more. But this was just a little selection that I wanted to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by ❤