Beauty Declutter – Spring 2019

With spring comes spring cleaning and decluttering. And I just had a massive beauty cabinet clear out!

I have gotten rid of everything that’s old or that I know I will never ever use. Meaning most of these things are both, because I am usually pretty good at using things up before they expire if I like them.

There were so many products that I’ve had for years and years and never used up because I just didn’t like them, and then a few things are a bit newer but just didn’t work well with my skin. It feels so good to clear out all this stuff, my cabinets are now nice and clutter free and clean. Now the goal is to only buy things when I actually need them, and use it all up.

Let’s have look at all my junk, shall we? (interesting, last post was trash, this one’s junk, apparently that’s the theme this week🤔)

  • Bioderma mild cleansing foaming gel. This is probably one of the newer products I am getting rid of. I got this late last summer and was really excited to use it. I did also actually like it at first, however I felt like it was breaking me out so I stopped using it after a little while. Since I don’t see myself try it out again, I am getting rid of this facewash.
  • Garnier micellar water for waterproof makeup. I have kind of given up micellar waters, I prefer oils or balms/butters to take of my makeup. So since I haven’t used this in about a year (I think), I have decided to get rid of it.
  • The Body Shop Aloe soothing moisture lotion. This one is old and almost finished. When I got my Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar moisturizer as a replacement for this, I put this in my travel bag to use up. However, I feel like it is too old to try and use up now, so goodbye it is. I did actually like this one, and might consider repurchasing it in the future.
  • Garnier eye makeup remover. This is pretty much the same situation as the micellar water. I got this to take of my makeup, realized I preferred to use oils or balms and stopped using it. Since it is a little old, I don’t see myself using it as a travel makeup remover either, so I am just trowing this away.
  • Rituals after sun hydration lotion. This one I actually did not buy myself. I think my father-in-law got a Rituals gift bag a few years ago (no idea why), gave it to my boyfriend who in turn gave it to me. I used up the facial sunscreen this came with, but never found myself reaching for this one and so it disappeared to the back of our beauty cabinet. And now I am finally tossing it out, as it is definitely at least 2 years old (probably older).
  • Kruidvat Evening Primrose facial oil. This is maybe 2 or 3 years old as well. I got this because I thought “oh, fun, I’m gonna try to use a facial oil” but I never ever reach for it. I feel like this one has survived quite a few declutter sessions, but now it is finally going. Honestly, there’s nothing bad about this product, it is just not for me.
  • The Body Shop Drops Of Youth liquid peel. Now this is an interesting one. I absolutely loved this peel, I used it a lot when I got this and feel like this did great things for my skin. However, after a while I feel like I just forgot to use it. I know for a fact that this is like 2 years old now, so I am just getting rid of it as it is not very good to use it anymore. I will definitely think about repurchasing this in the future though, or another The Body Shop peel, as I really did like this.
  • The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask. Another product I loved, and have actually almost used up, so maybe this should’ve been in my Empties post instead. When I was close to using this up I picked up another mask as I was afraid to run out, and then I just kind of stopped using this. I think I just forgot about it, I keep reaching for the other, new mask over this one. It is time to say goodbye now, as it is old an basically dried up.
  • Hema sea salt spray. I picked this up two years ago, when sea salt sprays were super popular. I wanted to try it, see if it was for me. It is not. I never ever really do anything with my hair, even this is too much effort. Also, my hair just didn’t feel great after using this, it made it feel greasy and dry at the same time.
  • Hema heat protection spray. Again, getting rid of this because I don’t ever do anything with my hair. I don’t own a curling iron or straighteners, I own a blow dryer (the reason I got this) but never ever reach for it. This for me is just kind of pointless to own. If I do ever end up getting a hair styling tool that I will need a heat protector for, I’ll just pick this up again.
  • The Body Shop Born Lippy raspberry. This is a cute lip balm, however, aside from giving a nice glossy look, it doesn’t really do anything for my lips. In fact, I feel like this did not work with my lips at all. I’m not sure, I also have some other suspects in my lip stuff collection, but I think this balm made my lips a bit sensitive, dry and cracked. But also, I have lip balms that I love way more than this, so this is going in the trash.
  • The Body Shop vanilla pumpkin butter sample. And lastly a little sample body butter that I don’t even remember when I got. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Body Shop body butters, however this is so old and I waaay prefect full size ones. So goodbye body butter sample.

I got rid of a lot, as you can see, which is great because it means my beauty cabinet is now nice and spacious and clean. This was a good post to do for me, as it has made me see what product I just don’t use, but it has also made me realize that I should remember to actually use some products up that I really love.

From now on I will try to do that. And I will try to only buy products that I truly need or know I will love and use.

Thanks for stopping by ❤