Reading Wrap Up – April 2019

Another reading month has passed, and I have finished some more books!

Which means that, 4 months into 2019, I am over HALF WAY THROUGH MY GOODREADS READING CHALLENGE. Yea, I’m pretty stocked about that one.
The books I read this month were all very short ones, but they still count. One I read in just an evening, one I’ve had on my Currently Reading shelf for about a year. Which isn’t even the one that’s had a place on that shelf the longest.. Oops?

Anyways, let’s see what I’ve read this month.

At The Mountains Of Madness – H.P. Lovecraft

In this terrifying novella, an expedition to Antarctica goes horribly wrong when the explorers stumble upon some ancient ruins, unearthing a lost alien civilization and unleashing monstrous forces they cannot hope to control.

I have finished another PEL book, yay! This is basically a short story about a chilling discovery during an Antarctic expedition. It is written and set around the 1930’s and.. I don’t know how I feel about this. I am struggling to give it a rating. It took me a long time (close to 6 months, it was featured in my last Currently Reading update) to pick this back up after starting it and actually finish it. I was very intrigued by the story, however something about the writing style didn’t quite work for me. I struggled to really get into the story, especially for the first half of the book. Luckily I got more into the story towards the secone half, and I quite enjoyed it actually, although still the way it was written was not really working for me. I ended up giving it 3 stars. The story was interesting and enjoyable, however the writing was not for me.

The Furthest Station – Ben Aaronovich

There’s something going bump on the Metropolitan line and Sergeant Jaget Kumar knows exactly who to call. It’s PC Grant’s speciality…
Only it’s more than going ‘bump’. Traumatised travellers have been reporting strange encounters on their morning commute, with strangely dressed people trying to deliver an urgent message. Stranger still, despite calling the police themselves, within a few minutes the commuters have already forgotten the encounter – making the follow up interviews rather difficult.
So with a little help from Abigail and Toby the ghost hunting dog, Peter and Jaget are heading out on a ghost finding expedition.
Because discovering the ghost and deciphering their urgent message might just be a matter of life and death.

When I saw this in the bookstore in The Hague this month I knew I had to have it. I love Aaronovich’s Rivers Of London series, and I knew I probably wanted to read his novellas as well but I wasn’t hunting them down. I might now though, if there are more, because I absolutely LOVED this one. I finished it in one day the day I got it. It was funny – made me laugh out loud several times – and the story was great and fast paced. Obviously the characters and everything were familiar because I love the Peter Grant series and I finished the seventh book recently. It was nice to have more of the Folly when the seventh book felt a bit final (although this was written after The Hanging Tree, book 6, and Lies Sleeping, book 7). I gave this five stars, and like I said, I need more.

The Sea Raiders – H.G. Wells

Spellbinding short stories of a man-eating squid, magicians and monstrous machines, form the father of science fiction.

This is a selection of 3 short stories by H.G. Wells, a nice little introduction to the writer. It took me a little while to finish this, partly because I was quite busy, but also partly because I kind of struggled with the second story. The first one, The Sea Raiders, I really enjoyed. I finished that one quite quick. The second one, The Land Ironclads, was the longest story of the three and the hardest to follow. I just didn’t really get into it, possible because of the writing style, and thus didn’t really enjoy it. And then the last story, The Magic Shop, I finished in a few minutes and really enjoyed it again. The second story made that I only gave this little booklet 3 stars, but I will definitely pick up another book by H.G. Wells in the future!

And that’s all I’ve read this month. All short and sweet. Well.. sweet…
Anyways, 3 books this month is pretty good 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤