The Outfit Diaries – Long Weekend In Delft

A super sunny summer-y long weekend in Delft, that is. Aaaah🤗

I thought I’d do a little weekend in outfits post today from my weekend in Delft. The weather has been absolutely amazing, over 22° Celsius all weekend long. It was also Easter meaning that we got to spend 4 days in my favourite city. We spend one day in The Hague as well because why not, it’s fun, aaand I picked up some new jeans (pretty much the reason we went to The Hague in the first place) in the Bijenkorf sale.

I actually wanted to do a What I Pack for the weekend, but then I thought an outfit diaries would be more fun, so here we are😊

Cami: H&M, Jeans: Levi’s (vintage), Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Longchamp

My white Levi’s had their first trip out of the house and I loved it! I paired them with this pink cami from H&M that is a few years old, and my white Adidas Superstars. They are the only shoes I’ve brought on the trip so prepare to see them a lot in this post. The outfit was a liiiiitle bit too hot for the car ride to Delft and the walk to my dad’s house, but oh well. I loved it anyways.

Sweater: H&M, Dress: secondhand, Socks: Zeeman, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Lucardi

Saturday was mostly spent in The Hague. I wanted to pick up a pair of black jeans at Bijenkort because they had a sale (hence the shopping bag) and also I wanted to visit Bookstor, a bookstore/lunch/coffee place that is my absolute heaven. We also got my dad a present as it was his birthday last week. And I got lots of books😏

In terms of outfit, I loved this one! I paired a black short sleeved dress (that I got from my sister when she did a closet declutter) with this H&M grey sweater that I tucked into a belt to crop it a bit. To change up the Adidas a bit I wore these cute lil’ socks with a lace trim and I absolutely loved the look! This outfit gave me a bit of a school girl vibe, and my boyfriend thought I looked really Asian in it. As for accessories, my sunglasses are from Lucardi, and I brought my Longchamp backpack this weekend as and everyday bag.

Top: Hema (men), Skirt: secondhand, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Longchamp

Sunday was another of my favourite outfits of the weekend. We spent Easter at my mom’s during the day, where we had a brunch in the garden with her, my dad, and lots of their friends (and the cuuuutest dog). And wine as well, not unimportant. It was another crazy hot day for this time of year, and I loved it! I did remember to use sunscreen, thank god.

I wore this stunning midi skirt that G’s sister got me last year, it’s from a random secondhand shop in Canada. I originally meant to pair it with a black short sleeved t-shirt but decided it was too hot for that. So I ended up wearing this grey tank top from my dad (is it called a tank top when it’s a men’s one?) and it worked so well together! I now need one too. For my shoes I went with my only option, my Adidas Superstars. And my bag was my Longchamp backpack again.

In the evening we had Easter dinner at my friend’s place, and since we had to walk back from the car to my dad’s place I did end up switching out the grey top for my black tee.

T-shirt: Zeeman, Jeans: Levi’s (vintage), Shoes: Adidas, Belt: H&M, Bag: Longchamp

Monday was our fourth and final day in Delft, and the day I realised I hadn’t thought my last outfit through like I did the other ones. It was also a day spent having breakfast at our fave little coffee place, Cortado, walking around the city, shopping for our summer trip and packing up our things to head back home. We also visited G’s brother and his little family as they live near Delft, and it was overall another lovely day.

Outfit wise, I went back to my white Levi’s from the first day, this time paired with that black tee I mentioned before, rolled up to turn it into a cropped top, and I finished it all off with my black H&M belt. Shoes and bag, as I said in every outfit this post, are Adidas and Longchamp.

And those were all the outfits I wore this past weekend. I loved every single one, spring and summer fashion is just mu favourite thing ever. I also really enjoyed doing this post, as it was not only documenting my outfits this weekend, but a little recapt of each day as well. I am definitely going to do more of these in the future!

Thanks for stopping by ❤