The Outfit Diaries – Office Outfits Spring 2019

You guys, I think I’ve figured out a good camera setup to take full length photos! Which means… I can take outfit photos! And do outfit posts! YAY!

I’m very excited about this, if you can’t tell. It means I can start a new series now, with outfit of the week posts, and Pinterest/Instagram outfits recreated posts, and other styling posts….

And I’m kicking the series of with a little work wear inspiration post. 3 outfits that you – well, I – can wear to the office. Now, these are outfits I can get away with at the place I work at, which is honestly very casual. As in, when I’m wearing heels and a blazer people are like “Wow you look fancy today”. So most days I wear sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt or sweater or something. But I also like to dress up sometimes, so I decided with this post to keep things a little more dressy, although still all outfits I would actually wear to the office or have already worn.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

Outfit One
Blazer: Mango, T-shirt: Zeeman, Jeans: Only, Shoes: Dune London

Alright, outfit 1 is actually the outfit that inspired me to do this post. I wore this to work a few weeks ago and felt so so happy in this outfit. It is fancy because of the blazer and heeled booties, but the blue jeans dress it down a lot. This would also look so cute with some sneakers if you want to go super casual, and with a silky lace-y camisole you can dress it up as well.

Outfit Two
Sweater: Axiome, Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Adidas , Belt: H&M

Outfit number two had to be one with sneakers, because as I’ve mentioned before I wear them to work. To dress it up little bit I went for my faaaave cashmere sweater (still very much needed these days here in the Netherlands) and these black cotton trousers. I don’t actually wear these a whole lot as I always forget I have them, but I actually love this combination. Note to self: wear this when the weather’s still cold enough.

Outfit Three
Blouse: Only, Jeans: Only, Shoes: Dune London

This outfit is one I am hoping to be able to wear soon, especially with the shoes. I love blouses but I don’t wear them enough because I don’t actually have a whole lot I love. This leopard print pyjama style one is so pretty though, classy enough to wear to work but also very fun. I love pairing it with black jeans, just to keep it simple, and you can never go wrong with a pair of (black) loafers in the spring time.

Outfit Four
Top: Mango, Trousers: Mango, Shoes: Dune London

I couldn’t help myself, I had to throw in a super fancy outfit with my Dune London heels. I just love them so much and I plan on wearing them to work one day, just as soon as my feet won’t freeze off. I went for an all black look with my Mango turtleneck tee and these wide leg trousers that I love but find so hard to pair. I feel like they work with the heels and simple top though, and if my office was a bit more formal I would probably wear an outfit like this. To dress it down a bit I would also pair this outfit with my white Adidas Superstars instead of the heel though.

Outfit Five
Blazer: H&M, Top: Mango, Jeans, Only, Shoes: Sacha, Belt: H&M

I meant to only do three outfits in this post, but we’ve ended up with five. Oh, well. This fifth outfit I’ve worn to work as well, and I loved it so much that I just had to feature it. The only thing I switched out is the shoes, I had to share my Sacha shoes in this post because I wear them to work so much, but I wore this outfit with my Dune booties. Both work really well though. This hot pink blazer is an old one, I’ve had it for probably at least 5 years and I still love it so much. It spices up any all black outfit and I don’t have to make an effort. I’ve paires it with my Mango turtleneck again because I love that thing, but it would work with any black tee, or maybe a flowy black blouse if you want to go a bit more dressy, that would be stunning (I don’t have one though).

And that is all the outfits I have to share today! I really enjoyed doing this and thinking about why I love and wear these outfits (or would wear the outfits). I’m already looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone a bit with these outfit posts, I might do a ‘one week no jeans’ one, and a simple outfits of the week.. planning outfits for our summer trip, spring outfits, summer outfits, day to night things. Aah so many ideas!!

I do need to work on my posing and the setting though.. Maybe move the massive box of random stuff out of the way.. Maybe steal my boyfriend’s camera for better quality pictures.. We’ll see, I’m gonna play around with this a bit.

Thanks for stopping by❤