New In Beauty – Winter/Spring 2019

Here it is guys, the promised New In Beauty post.

I already told you on Tuesday that this post was coming, and that hopefully this will be my last New In post for a while as I am going to try to stop shopping for a while.

This one is a New In Beauty one, as mentioned about 3 times before in the 5 sentences you’ve read so far (and the title). The last one I did of these was at the beginning of February, so actually quite some time ago. I collected a few new items since then, but not too many, and I have been using most of them a ton already.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar Pure & Sensitive

Starting of the post with skincare. I picked up this Dove soap bar to wash my face with. It is supposed to be really great for sensitive skin and oh so easy, so I wanted to try it out. I’ve been using a different soap bar as a face wash for the last 5 months or so – maybe even longer now – and I really love it. But I’ve also heard great things about this one, so I’ve decided to give it a try as soon as the other one runs out. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on with it 🙂

Lush Amazon Primer Naked Facial Oil

You guys may know that I picked up my first Lush naked product in December. It is their charity pod body oil, and I am obsessed with it. The smell, but also the fact that has no packaging, so no waste.
So, when I noticed that I am running out of my current facial moisturizer, I decided to stop by Lush and pick up one of their Naked Facial Oils (and a little container to store it in). I got the primer one, which is supposed to reduce redness a little bit, give a great base for makeup and is also nice and mattefying. I’ve used it a few times now and I like it a lot! The smell is great and I really do feel like my makeup applies nicely on top. Now, you do need to massage it in well, as it is an oil, but it doesn’t really take that long to sink in in my opinion. I have to use it a bit longer to see if I like it better than my Philosophy Hope In A Jar moisturizer, but so far, so good!

Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish in 02 Pearly Ballerina

I haven found my perfect opaque nude nail polishes in the Catrice ones. Now I am on the hunt for the perfect sheer nude polish, and I started the search at Catrice with this polish from their More Than Nude line. And let me tell you.. This is not the one. It is nice, but it has this blue sheen it in that is not doing it for me, it makes it too eye catching and out there, which is the opposite of what I’m looking for. This also is a bit too white for my taste. It looks great layered on top of one of my favourite nudes though for a bit of something extra. On it’s own though, it’s not for me. The search continues.

Hema Lip Maximizing Gloss in 01 Clear

It seems like I am going through a bit of a lipgloss phase at the moment. A few months ago I all of the sudden really wanted a simple clear lipgloss, so I picked up this completely colourless Hema one for very cheap (around €4,00 I believe). And I love it! Layered on top of a liner of lipstick or just on it’s own, it all looks so good! I love how easy this is to wear, you don’t really have to think about it. Well, except with long hair and wind.. But that’s a problem with most lip products. This gloss is extra fun because it gives that tingling feeling that maximizing glosses always have, although I don’t really think it actually does anything in therms of maximixing. Still, I love this stuff.

YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stain in 5 Rosewood Gang

Every once in a while I feel the need to buy an expensive lip product. Although there are absolutely amazing lipsticks on the high street, there is just something about a high end one that feels so so good. The packaging, the whole experience of putting it on, I don’t know, it just always makes me feel really happy. And since it had been a while since I treated myself to a more expensive lipstick, I decided to get one a few weeks ago. Now, originally I decided I wanted a nude, because I obviously don’t have enough nude lippies yet. However I fell completely in love with this darkish berry pink YSL liquid lip stain. It is beautiful and bold, but I can still get away with wearing it as a daytime colour. At first I thought I didn’t like the applicator – it is a strange kind of slanted rectangle top – but now I find it easy to work with. And the packaging, ahhh. Like I said, half the joy of luxury makeup is the packaging. But it also lasts really great on the lips and is very comfortable to wear. Was it worth the €40,00? Eeeeh, maybe not, but I love it anyways.

Catrice Volumizing Lip Booster in 040 Nuts About Mary

After getting that clear Hema lipgloss and loving wearing it so much, I decided it was time for one with a hint of colour. And so I ended up at one of my favourite cheap brands, Catrice, with this pretty gloss. This is, again, one of those tingling supposedly maximizing ones, however this one has a hint of a sheer nude colour. It’s not so pigmented that you have to worry about getting colour all over your face, but it has enough colour to bring a little something extra to the table. Or lips. It also is basically my perfect nude in a gloss form.

Hema B.A.E. Brow Wonder Fill & Define Pencil 04 Deep

Hema has a new makeup line guys! Well, it’s been out for a while now already, but it’s still only a few months old. And I couldn’t help myself, I had to try some products. This first one is a brow pencil. I love the brow pomade I am using currently (also Hema) but a pencil is really easy for when I’m travelling. My thoughts on this one is that I like the pencil itself, it has one of those slanted pencil bits, and it applies nice and quick. However, the brush on the end is pretty useless for the brows, and the colour is ever so slightly too light brown for me. I will use it, as I do like the pencil itself, but I probably won’t purchase it again

Hema B.A.E. 12h Deep Matte Black Eyeliner Pen

Every once in a while I get super in the mood to buy an eyeliner. Why? I don’t know, as I don’t really wear it and I am horrible at applying eyeliner. But apparently when I saw checking out the B.A.E. range I was in the mood for eyeliner, so I picked one up. And I like it. I haven’t been wearing it a whole lot, but when I have been wearing it, it’s been nice. This one is a felt tip, it is matte and actually lasts really well. Also, the packaging is so very cute!

Hema B.A.E. Eye Cream In A Tube in 03 Be Bright

The third and last product in the B.A.E. range was eyeshadow cream in a rose gold shade. I really like the idea of an eyeshadow cream, however I find myself not reaching for it a whole lot, so I also don’t have a lot of thoughts on it yet. The colour is beautiful though, and I do plan on using it a bit more from now on.

Essence Maximum Definition Mascara

I know I told you the last time that I got this mascara that it wasn’t good, that I didn’t like it and that I would not purchase it again. And at the time I really meant it.
But then.. then I used it for more than 2 weeks, and all of the sudden it was great! Apparently this mascara needs to dry out little bit before I enjoy wearing it, but as soon as it does it gives me great volume and length without being too overpowering. And so I bought this mascara again. I have just opened it a week ago, so it still needs to dry out a bit now, but I know I will probably love it again next week.

Aaaand that is all I got guys, it’s actually cute a lot over the last 2 months. Pretty much all of these I see myself using up, nothing has been a massive fail (yet). I currently have one more makeup item very high on my wish list, but I won’t be getting that for another few months…

Thanks for stopping by ❤