New In Fashion – March 2019

Sooooo….. yea…. it happened again🙈

Ah guys, I know I said I wouldn’t shop again for a while but I don’t know.. It’s just hard for me, what with the world (well, half the world) heading into spring now, and there were some things I’ve been wanting for a while (one of which you could’ve seen in my last not so weekly highlights), and then I’ve found my dream shoes in the sale and just… Ahh I just love shopping.


I am now really really REALLY going to make an effort to stop for a while! Although there is a New In Beauty post coming on Friday🤔 but other than that, my money is going to stay on my account!! Besides, I need to save up my money for our upcoming summer trip.. 😉

Now let’s see what I got, shall we?

Longchamp Le Pliage backpack

I’ll keep it short and sweet with this one, as it was last week’s not so weekly highlight. I got this Longchamp backpack about a month ago now and I absolutely love it and have been using it a ton. It fits all my essentials and more, it looks cute and is so easy to carry around. Definitely worth the €75,00!

Dune London Heels

I have wanted these for, well, forever. So when I saw these in the Dune London sale a few weeks ago for only €70,00 instead of €110,00 I knew I needed to get them. These are a perfect dupe for the Valentino Rockstuds, but a good €600,00 cheaper. Still not super cheap, but definitely worth the price. Do I have many occasions to wear these to? Definitely not, but I still love them. And there will be times when I can wear them and not look too dresses up. In fact, I wore them last weekend, and I got so many compliments on them! Someone even asked if they were the Valentino ones, which made me feel very happy! They are very comfortable as well for the type of shoe they are, and relatively easy to walk in because of the straps going all over your foot. Yes, I love these shoes.

Nike Pegasus Sneakers

From a very fancy shoe to a very casual one. I got new gym/hiking shoes, kind of on a whim but I’ve also kind of wanted some for a while. These are the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 (I had to google that one) sneakers, originally around €100,00 as far as I can find, but I got them for only €35,00 at the Nike outlet in Utrecht which is a total steal! I have worn them to the gym a few times and they are so comfortable, it’s like walking on clouds! They also look pretty cute for a gym shoe which is always a bonus. And again, the price that I got them for, aah!! I also feel like these would work fine for simple hikes on holiday, although I will have to clean them really well afterwards before taking them back to them gym.

Hunkemöller Bikini

With these sporadic spring/summer days we’ve been having over here I am getting in the mood for summer fashion again, going to the beach or the pool or just lounging around in the garden. And so to get me even more in the mood, I got a new bikini. I actually wanted to get another bathing suit this year, but I just can’t find the perfect one. However, when I tried on this bikini I did fall in love, and because Hunkemöller had an offer going on at the time, I couldn’t help myself. I had to get it. This bikini is very different from the other ones I have, especially the top. I love the style of this one, and although it looks kind of tiny, it does actually fit me really well! The bottoms are a little cheeky which I love, but also cover everything that needs to be covered very nicely, and they are just so flattering. Lastly, I absolutely love the colour, it’s fun and bright but still very simple. I cannot wait to wear this one come summer.

Hunkemöller Satin Cami

The Hunkemöller offer was ‘buy two, get the third one for free’ so I picked up this satin camisole as my third item. I’m pretty sure this is actually a pajama top (it even had matching shorts) but I’m gonna wear it as a regular top as well. I’m envisioning this layered over my black Mango turtleneck tee, underneath a cropped sweater with just that lace trim peeking out, maybe even with a short sleeved t-shirt underneath. But also on it’s own as soon as it’s warm enough. It would be so cute on a date night, but also worn to work (obviously with something on top or underneath) or most other occasions, really. I am very pleased with this top.

Bijou Brigitte Rings

And last but not least, I got a bunch of cheap rings. Great quality? Not really. But I’ve been wanting to add some more rings to my everyday collection, and I thought this would be the perfect way to try out what I want to invest in. This set was €8,00 from Bijou Brigitte, a custom jewelry store here in the Netherlands and it comes with a bunch of minimalistic rings in different sizes. I have worn one around my pinky finger, my thumb an both my index fingers in addition to the rings I wear every day already and it has really helped me with figuring out what rings I want to get. Like I said, these are not great quality, they have discoloured already and turn my fingers green. But I’m going to coat them in nail polish to see if that’ll help with that. Keep you updated on that one.

And that is all the fashion stuff I have gotten lately. I know I’ve said this for the last 5 New In Fashion posts already, but I really am going to try to stop shopping for a while now. I need to save up for holiday and better quality rings and.. well, that’s about all I need to save up for.

Thanks for stopping by ❤