Shoe Collection 2019 – Summer Shoes

It is the last week of March, and the last installment of my shoe collection.

We are now getting to the part of my collection I am hoping to be able to wear soon. But looking at the weather forecast for the next few days (weeks), I will freeze my toes of if I do… So for now I will just stick to writing about these shoes and dreaming of summer days.

dune london suede loafers

Loafers are a thing, and these are mine. They are comfortable, cute, fancy, and basically my spring/summer work shoe. I’ve had these for about a year and a half I think, maybe a little longer, and I’ve worn them so much in the warmer months. All my other summer shoes aren’t that work appropriate, although I can probably wear my sandals to work (more on that later), but I love having these as a more fancy casual summer shoe. They go with everything, keep my feet still a liiiitle bit warmer in the mornings when I have to cycle to the bus stop, and I am already thinking of all the outfits I am going to wear them with this upcoming season.


I got these espadrilles last year in Zeeland when we were visiting G’s family. They were super cheap in this cute little shop in Middelburg (note to self, go to Middelburg again but for more than just an afternoon) because I had been wanting some more flat but closed toed summer shoes. They aren’t the best quality and also not completely my style, but I do still really like them. They are easy to throw on, and it’s nice that I don’t have to worry about keeping them clean too much, because they were so cheap. If I do end up wearing these a lot this summer I might invest in a nicer pair. We’ll see..

Manfield brown leather sandals

I had been looking for YEARS (okay maybe not YEARS but a long time) for the perfect brown leather strappy sandal, and these are it. I have worn these an absolute ton last summer, and I can’t wait to wear them again this year. They are so comfortable, I can wear them all day and not worry about it. They look nice with a tan, go with so many summer clothes, and are just perfect for me. I don’t want another pair of sandals, which is always a good sign. Although… These in black….? 😉

North face slides

These are actually the only shoes in this post that I’ve already been able to wear. Well, able to wear.. I’ve been wearing them. But only around the house, and on quick trips into the garden to throw stuff away. I got these slides last summer because my boyfriend has Adidas ones that he loves and lives for, and they looked so comfy and easy to wear around the house that I wanted them too. The Adidas ones didn’t really fit me well though, and these did, so I ended up with these North Face ones. Aaaaand. I love them. Like I said, I’ve been wearing them around the house now that it isn’t suuuuuper cold anymore (and I want to give my other slippers a rest), but I can’t wait to wear them as a casual touch to an already casual summer outfit. Maybe on holiday on a camping (although we don’t know if that’s what we’ll be doing in summer) or to the beach… Ah I’m so ready for summer!

haviana wedge flipflops

These are a weird pair. G’s mom gave them to me because they didn’t fit her well, and although I do like them – they are kind of a fancier version of the slides because of the wedge – I haven’t reached for them last summer. I think they are just not completely my style, but I’ll give them another shot this summer. If I don’t wear them, I’ll get rid of them, if I do, well, I’ll keep them obviously.

coral flip flops

Last but not least, my pair of super cheap coral flip flops. I’ve had these for I don’t even know how long, and probably got them for super cheap at Zeeman or something. I definitely need to get a new pair soon as these are kind of falling apart. I’ll probably get to that this summer. But for now these are the flip flops I own and the ones I’ll be wearing until I’ve found a replacement.

Aaah we’ve come to the end of my shoe collection guys! Those were all my shoes! A pretty good collection I think, although like I’ve said a million times, I do have some new pairs on my wish list. In fact, I may or may not have crossed one pair off that list yesterday!

But more on that in a few weeks…

Thanks for stopping by ❤