What He Loves – Winter 2019

But also some other things..

Soooo… I am starting (or trying to start, planning to start, hoping to start) a new series here on the blog. It’s going to be a seasonally series, I think, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see.

Basically, this series is all about my boyfriend, Gideon. What items he’s been loving lately, this season, over the past few weeks or months. It can be anything, from clothing, shoes and beauty items, to books (ha, like he’ll ever add a book to the list), to a new gadget that he’s gotten or maybe an experience. I don’t know, it’s up to him.

This first installment of the series is going to be about the fashion items he’s been loving over the past few months though. With winter coming to an end (hopefully finally) I thought it’d be interesting to evaluate what he’s been wearing and enjoying the most. I tried to guess first, and it turned out I got all four items spot on.

So, without further ado, let’s see what he’s been loving:

Axiome cashmere sweater

You may know that I love love love my grey and my red cashmere sweaters. Well, the same day I got those, my boyfriend got two as well. A dark blue one, and this light grey one. And he has been wearing them non stop. They are soft, so very soft, comfortable, easy to wear, and they last so well. He prefers the grey one just a little bit over his navy one, as this colour goes with literally everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he picks up another one (or two, or three) of these sweaters next autumn.

jack & jones blue jeans

Jack & Jones is probably his favourite store, as you’ll see in this post. Their items are good quality for a good price. These jeans are a fairly new addition to his wardrobe, he got them late December, and whenever they’re in the laundry basket he can’t wait to wear them again (he keeps asking me when I’m doing a load so he can wear them again). They are such a good fit, keep their shape, are that perfect washed blue colour, they are comfortable and totally worth the € 80,00 he paid for them.

jack & jones denim winter jacket

Told you there’d be more Jack & Jones items in this post. This jacket is seriously great, and I wish Gideon would let me steal it. In fact, I tried this jacket on in the store in a smaller size, but it didn’t fit me right. Anyways, this jacket. It is the perfect cold weather denim jacket, with the (fake) wool inside. It is warm without being sweaty, he can wear it with a sweater or hoodie underneath and it it that perfect neutral denim blue that goes with pretty much everything. What the bf loves out this jacket the most is that it isn’t too cropped, which is hard to find with his length (he’s 195 cm).
Whenever it hasn’t been raining, snowing or absolutely freezing, Gideon has been wearing it, and I can see him using this jacket throughout the colder spring months and autumn next year.

clarks desert boots

And lastly, his favourite shoes of the moment. Ever since we’ve been dating (which is over 4,5 years) and long before that, Gideon has been a huge fan of Clarks. However, the pair he has had for all that time has been kind of falling apart and he’s been wanting a new pair for about a year now. So when we were in Delft during New Year’s and I was buying my pretty Aqa boots, he had a look in the sale section of the shoe store as well and found these. They are very very dark blue Clarks, one pair, his size. And there was an amazing offer going on: buy one pair in the sale, get another pair for only € 10,00! So we both got a pair of shoes, and are very happy with them.
These shoes, according to Gideon, are perfect for both fancy occasions as well as more casual things, and they are the most comfortable things ever. They also go with a lot in his wardrobe, which is always important.

And there you have it, some clothing items my boyfriend has been loving in the past few months, and probably will be loving for years to come. It is basically the outfit he’s been wearing most this winter.

Thanks for stopping by ❤