Shoe Collection 2019 – Sneakers

I would have NEVER said this a few years ago, but we have probably arrived at the favourite and most worn part of my collection: sneakers.

I swear, a few years ago I owned maybe one pair of sneakers that I hardly ever wore. I was a boots kinda girl, and although I still absolutely love boots (as you could’ve seen last week) I have just fallen in love with sneakers, their comfort and the look they give. Also, soooo easy to style and they dress down any outfit.

I set them up from darkest to lightest, and they accidentally also ended up being oldest to newest.

Nike air max

These are the oldest sneakers in my collection. I’ve had these for about 3,5 years I think, and I got them because I was working in a bookstore at the time. I needed/wanted some flat shoes that weren’t boots that I could stand in all day. I did have Converse at the time, but basically I wanted another pair. I never thought I’d EVER wear Air Max, but when I tried these on I actually really liked them, and they are just so comfortable. I go through phases with these where they are all I want to wear, and then I have a few months where I just don’t find myself reaching for them at all. Currently, I’m not wearing them a whole lot, but when autumn comes (although probably in the spring as well) I know I will wear them again.

nike internationalist

Now, I got the Air Max because I wanted these, but I couldn’t find these anywhere at the time. Of course, only a few months after getting those, I found these Nike Internationalist sneakers in an outlet store. The only pair. In my size. I had to pick them up, and I’ve had no regrets. Again with these I go through phases, as I think I have with pretty much every shoe in my collection. These, in my opinion, are a bit more fancy than the Air Max (although also very dirty now), so I like to wear these to more “casual dressy” occasions, like my grandma’s birthday or something.

adidas gazelle

As much as I love my two pairs of Nikes, I think the next 3 shoes prove I am an Adidas girl at heart. These Gazelles are so very worn out, but also so very loved. I got these about 1,5 years ago after wearing my very first pair of Adidas Superstars to absolute death. I found them on sale in a shoe store (where else?) and although I didn’t think I needed any more shoes, I decided I needed these. They were my most worn shoe for the first year I owned them, and considering how much I’ve worn these since I’ve had them, these have held up pretty well. They are comfortable, go with so much and are just an all round great shoe. After that first year of owning these I’ve decided to give them some time off, but I find myself pretty much always gravitating towards these when I want a black sneaker. Well, I found myself always gravitating towards these, until I went on a very rainy, muddy walk in them and absolutely messed them up…

adidas campus

I told you about these in my most recent Weekly Highlights, so I will keep it short and sweet. These light pinkish beige Adidas Campus sneakers have been my favourite, most worn shoe of the last month at least. Oh my, I love them so much and I cannot wait for spring to properly do it’s thing, so I can wear these with pretty summer dresses, or cute white jeans.

adidas superstar

And last but certainly not least, the newest pair in my shoe collection. My white Adidas Superstars. I have already worn a pair to absolute death a few years ago, and I don’t know why it took me so long to get a new pair (probably because I already owned a lot of other shoes?). These are so comfortable and look so good. I love them with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. Some of the items I own, I only really love with these shoes underneath. The white makes them look so fancy, which I love, and I like how they give that slightly chunky look, without actually being chunky (it’s just not my thing). Yep, I love these, and I can’t wait to wear them to death.

And that were all my sneakers. Do I have some more on my wish list? Definitely. I am dreaming of a nice all black pair, and maybe some with embroidery..? But I am also very happy with the pairs I already own.

Thanks for stopping by ❤