A Little Stitch, Please Sale Haul

Did you think I was done shopping for a while? Yea, me too. But apparently not…

Okay, so you may or may not know this, but I love Stitch, Please. I have a few items of the brand, and I wear them a ton. So when they had this massive sale because they are completely changing up the shop, I couldn’t not buy a few things. I also had already ordered them before I posted my latest New In Fashion post, but they didn’t come in for that post. They have arrived last week though, and I am so excited to share them and wear them now. Well, as soon as the weather lets me..

First of, I got a cap. Last year I decided I wanted a cap, and I did get one, but it wasn’t really ideal. I still have it and love the look, but it’s a bit hot because the fabric is quite thick and synthetic. So when I saw this one in the sale at Stitch, Please, I decided to give it a try. The embroidery matches a shirt I have from the brand, so I am already looking forward to wearing those two together.
The main reason I wanted a cap is to keep the sun out of my face when I am outside in summer, and if this summer is anything like 2018, this is going to come in very very handy.

Next up, a black t-shirt with the most STUNNING patch on it. I have been lusting after this pink blossom shirt for a long time now, and when I saw it was included in the sale I needed to pick it up. I got this one in a size S, which is smaller than the other shirt I have from them (I own three shirts, all in their standard One Size) and it fits well. A little tight around the hips maybe, but nothing a little jeans or skirt tuck can’t handle, which is my preferred way of wearing shirts like this anyways. It is as stunning in real life as it looked on the website, and I can’t wait to wear this with my Mango cream blazer, or peeking out underneath my denim button-up dress.

And lastly, this cactus patch tee. In a size XL. The main reason I picked this in such a big size, was because they had this cute photo on the site of a girl wearing this shirt in a super big size and it looked so cool that I wanted it too. I plain on using this as a sleep shirt, comfy lounge shirt and throw-over-my-bathing-suit shirt in summer. I think that that last way of wearing it would look sooooo good! This is long enough on me to wear as a really short dress as long as I don’t lift my arms up (so not gonna wear it that way outside of my house), or for a “hmmm is she wearing shorts underneath that shirt” type of outfit (I will in fact be wearing short underneath). I have already worn this one a few times for that comfy at home look, and I love love love it!

but wait, there’s more….

And then… I also did a liiiitle bit more shopping on a fun day out with G and his mom. I got two items that day, both very good ones I think, and it’s just nice that these have a fun memory attached to them. Which is how I want to be shopping from now on, if I don’t need anything specific (which I won’t for at least a while!).

So first, the jeans. These are the jeans I told you about in last week’s highlights, the really good find. These are white Levi 501’s and they fit like an absolute dream. I did cut off a few centimeters at the bottom because I like these better when they are just a little more cropped, and now they are absolutely amazing. I haven’t owned white jeans in a long time, but I’ve found myself wanting a pair for a little while now, especially with the warmer weather hopefully coming our way soon. And now I found them, for only € 20,00! I cannot wait to wear these with my soft pink sneakers, or my black loafers, or omg they would look so good with my brown sandals!!

And lastly, although I actually got these before I found the jeans, I got these cute white shorts. These fit me like an absolute dream, which is exactly the reason that both my mother-in-law and I thought I needed them in my life. She even very kindly paid half of the price (thank you M-I-L!!). They are slightly see-through, but nothing a thong or a nude pair of underwear can’t fix. I love how these are like fancy trousers but in shorts form, it means that when it is suuuper hot but I want to look a bit more put-together, I can wear these with a nice blouse and be done. I also think these would look great thrown over a bathing suit on/to the beach, and probably a body suit as well. But then, these are also probably the shorts I’ll be wearing with that XL Stitch, Please shirt. Ah, I cannot wait for spring and summer so I can wear these!!

So yea, guys, I basically have my spring/summer wardrobe sorted now. And from now on I swear I won’t be doing any massive clothing hauls anytime soon, as I really am very happy with what I have. I have a few more expensive items on my wish list that I want to pick up over the next few months, and I think (if I actually find them) that they will get their own dedicated post when I do get them.

Thanks for stopping by ❤